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May 3rd - 7th

Principal's Message

Dear Parent(s),

This coming Monday we will be reviewing our school budget with our School Council members. I'm happy to say with the support of of Division we have a DRAFT budget that is similar to this year and staffing potentially remaining the same. This however is contingent on the number of students enrolled at Niton Central next year. If you would like to join our meeting and you are a current parent of one of our students you are welcome to take part. (Please see link below)

KIDS KONNECTION - This week is Education week and in recognition of this the students will be working on cross-graded projects virtually. Look for more information to be provided by your children's teachers.

A huge thank you to Parkland Composite High School for the donation towards our Apple Dumpling Gangs sustainability project. Parkland has offered to purchase 5 trees which will be planted by our students in the Butterfly Garden. If you would like to contribute please donate your "change" at the Niton Bottle Depot.

D. Lorne

Learning In Action

Grade 9 Science

Grade 9 students making paper rockets in our Space Exploration unit to test propulsion and hull/wing design.
Niton Grade 9 Rockets

Star Wars Thematic Unit

The Grade 5/6 were busy this week with "Star Wars" week. This thematic week consisted of a room transformation into the world of "Star Wars", and covered the topics of space and weather. Students began their Jedi training on Mercury, before moving on to each planet in our solar system to complete different tasks. Students wrote poetry, did poetry analysis on some "Star Wars" themed poems, and learned more about transformations. They also learned more about each of our planets, their weather and the different Greek and Indigenous constellations. Lightsaber battles, and droid races with the spheros were also part of their training. Students created some splatter painting art work to go along with our theme, and were inspired by the works of Jackson Pollock. They did a great job completing their Jedi requirements!
Star Wars

CTF Sewing

The second group of Niton Central Junior High students recently completed the sewing unit of their CTF course. They learned the basics of hand and machine sewing, and used that to complete projects of their choice. Some choose to create their own custom masks, pillows and one even expanded their knowledge to include leather working. They will next be focusing on computer assisted 3d design.
Big picture

IPADS from the NCFS donation

Grade 1/2's

A big thank you to the Niton Central Fundraising Society! Due to their hard work our school was able to purchase 20 new iPads for our students to use. Our students are super excited to be able to use them!
Big picture

GNS - Good News Story

Summer School - Grade 9's

Get a step up for high school! Below is information regarding Summer School for our grade 9's. CALM 20 is being offered at Parkland Composite and is a great opportunity for our students to complete a graduation requirement before they even step in the doors.

T.L.C. Virtual Learning News

Counsellor's Corner

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence, what is it and why is it important? When we send our children to school we expect that their academic intelligence will be built, but do we have an understanding that Emotional Intelligence is just as important as their academics.

To understand this concept, we need to know what and why Emotional Intelligence is important. Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to have self-awareness and be able to manage your emotions. There is a trend throughout western society that suggests that people just inherently know how to manage their emotions but from the side of a school counsellor I am seeing, again and again, the impacts of children who struggle to regulate their emotions and build their Emotional Intelligence.

According to Daniel Goleman, a world-renowned behavioral scientist, and psychologist, Emotional Intelligence should be taught systematically to children. So essentially this should be implemented by adults, whether at school or home. Daniels's research suggests that similar to an IQ (intelligence quotient) score predicts a person’s academic success a person’s EQ (emotional quotient) can help with someone’s overall success. The reason for the is because someone that has a good EQ or Emotional Intelligence is someone who can effectively manage themselves when it comes to grievances with peers, stressors in school or the workplace, and ultimately have resilience when faced with challenges. When people can manage these issues efficiently they can reduce stress which is healthier mentally and physically. If someone internalizes emotions or is incapable of recognizing emotions their stress hormones can be elevated which is extremely hard on the body. Someone that has high levels of stress hormones consistently is more likely to struggle with heart disease, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, and mental health diagnosis.

There are four elements to Emotional Intelligence; Self-awareness, Self-management, Empathy, and Social Skills. Attached is a link to a video that suggests how to develop Emotional Intelligence. Remember as parents and caregivers we are modeling how to be Emotionally Intelligent.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

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May 3rd - School Council meeting - 9:30am - Google Meet

May 5th - Hats On For Mental Health Day