Fitness Report

By Connor Glen


This report includes a detailed and thorough report on both the health and fitness testing that you have completed here at CG Fitness. In this report I will be including your results, resources to help you with your health and fitness goals, lifestyle improvement, PARQ and strengths and weaknesses of both your health test and fitness test. This report should help you with your fitness goals as well as any future health or fitness goals that you have in the future.


12th November 2013- Health Testing

28th January 2014- Fitness Testing

Health Screening Results

Body Mass Index or BMI: 21.5 Normal

Lung Capacity: 3000ml Normal

Heart Rate: 66 BPM

Blood Pressure 128/68 Normal

Strengths and Weaknesses for Health Screening


Body Mass Index or BMI - you received a normal score for body mass index which for a average person is very good, have a normal BMI means that you are the correct weight for your height.

Heart Rate-You received a normal result for your heart rate which means that you are at the moment at a okay level. Having a high heart rate can lead to a higher chance of death . This being said having a low heart rate is actually a very good thing and means that you are very fit.

Blood Pressure- Having a normal blood pressure is very good having a low or high blood pressure increases the chance of having a heart attack and or stroke.


Lung Capacity- Your lung capacity was bellow average meaning that you do not breath in the same amount of air into your lungs as most people. Though this is not ideal this is probably the least harmful problem you can have with your health and can be easily improved through regular exercise

Lifestyle Improvement Suggestions based on health screening results

- Breakfast is a absolute must if you are serious about improving your health. You should consider having breakfast at the start of everyday not only will it make you less hungry but it will give you more energy throughout the day and you will feel less tired. An interesting advantage of having breakfast is that it actually increases your metabolism, which will thus allow you to burn more calories and lose weight faster. Studies have shown that people who have breakfast are more alert and aware during work then people who do not have breakfast. Breakfast also gives you the chance to get your body the much-needed fiber through cereal and whole meal food.

- Instead of taking the lift try and walk up the stairs at work. This simple yet effective way of improving your overall health and fitness is simple to employ and the results can be incredible. People on average should be walking at least 10,000 steps a day but taking the stairs instead of the lift your steps will sore up and you will be able to achieve the needed 10,000 steps with no real trouble. Tacking the stairs also burns those dreaded calories.

- Think about running at night to get ready for your half marathon. Running at night time will be a much better climate to run in especially during the summer when the temperatures are usually over 30 degrees celcius

- If possible you could go to another yoga session during the week. As you are already doing a yoga class if it is possible it would be very good if you could try and go to another yoga session every week.

Fitness Testing Results

12 Minute Cooper Run: 2.16K

30M Sprint: 6.07 Seconds Poor

Sit and Reach: 160 cm Excellent

Vertical Jump: 17cm Poor

Sit Up Test: 32 Good

Push Up Test: 28 Average

One Rep Max 13 pounds Poor

Strengths and Weaknesses for Fitness Testing


12 minute cooper run (Aerobic endurance) - you got a above average score for aerobic endurance meaning that you have good aerobic endurance and have the ability to run continuously for a long time and that it does not require a lot of effort compared to other people

Sit and Reach Test (Flexibility) - you demonstrated a good level of flexibility and received a excellent score meaning that you are one of the more flexible people for your age.

Sit Up Test (Muscular Endurance) - On the sit up test you received a score of 32 reps in a minute demonstrating a good level of muscular endurance though this is a stregh their is always room to improve and you can easily get a much better score in this area.

Push Up Test (Muscular Endurance)- You received a score of 28 reps in a minute for the push up test this is a good score for modified push ups however you can still improve your muscular endurance a hopefully be able to do complete push ups for a whole minute next time you do the test.


30m Sprint test (speed)- During the 30m sprint test you were unable to demonstrate the ability to sprint very fast thus making your score very poor as you got a 6.07 for the 30m sprint test which is a poor score for a person of your age. This is an area of your fitness that has a lot of room for improvement.

Vertical Jump (Power)- The vertical jump is a power test a good result in this test means you demonstrate the ability to create and generate a lot of power, Unfortunately you were unable to do this and receive a poor score for this area of fitness.

10 Rep Max (Strength)- This test measures a persons strength you did not receive a good score for this test and therefore shown a lack of strength.


What is a PAR-Q?

A par-q is a physical activity readiness questionnaire, it serves as a way of companies’ and physical activity providers such as gyms way of getting information of a person before they engage in any form of physical activity. The reason that companies such as gyms need a par-q is so that they can know how much experience a person has before they run the risk of getting injured because they have no idea what they are doing.

Above is a PAR-Q that we use here at CG fitness it includes three different important areas these are personal details, lifestyle questions, health related questions and physical activity related questions

Personal Details

It is important to get persons personal details and emergency contact numbers before they engage in physical activity. The reason being is that if something were to happen to them they would have to be someone to contact so they they can know what is going on.

lifestyle questions

These questions allow us to gain a better understanding of the client. These questions also give us a better understanding of what barriers and problems that the clients might face when taking part in physical activity, for example, if a participant does or has smoked we will know from the PAR-Q and will be able to understand why they are struggling with things such as running.

Health Questions

Questions that relate to health help us to understand the problems that are client could be facing and this allows us to design programs for them that will not be bad for their health for example if a client has had a recent surgery we will have to prescribe a programme that allows the client to recover from their surgery while at the same time being effective, fun and most importantly improve their fitness.

Physical Activity Questions

These type of questions help us to understand the experience that a client has with physical activity letting us know what type of client we are dealing with. This allows us to get the most out of our clients time and money as we our challenging people with all types of levels of fitness and experience.

Strengths and areas of Improvement for lifestyle


You do not smoke and have never smoked before, this is very good however you need to still consider the effects that being around smokers and inhaling second hand smoke can have on your body. In adults that have never smoked before inhaling second hand smoke can still put you at risk from cardiovascular disease as well as lung cancer. I recommend that if you do have any friends or family that smoke you make sure to keep your distance while they are smoking.

You regularly sleep for at least 7 hours a day, though this is still under the recommended amount of sleep a adult should have (8 hours), it is still enough sleep in order to function well and effectively throughout the day. If you were to increase your sleep each day by 1 hour however i feel that you would see a significant different in the amount of energy you have during the day.

In your Par Q you stated that you have a very active job. Though you might think that this might be a bad thing and you would rather have a more laid back job a job, having a active job is great for your health and fitness.

You currently run 3 to four times a week and also participate in a yoga session every week. I believe that this is a excellent ammount of exercise that you are currently doing and i believe that you do not need to increase this. However if you wish to improve you lifestlye even further i would recomend mabye increasing the ammount of time you run for or the intensity that you run at, as this will have a significant impact on your fitness levels and general health. I would also stress that it is also very good that you have some days where you do not do any form of exercise. This is because your body needs this time to recover.


On the PAR-Q we filled out at our last session you said that you consume 7 or more units a week. Though the guidelines indicate that a women should consume no more that 14 units a week having 7 units a week can still cause some problems and might damage your health in the future. Regular alcohol consumption can have a very bad effect on the heart and liver, Research is also showing that alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on the brain and its function. The type of alcohol you consume if also very important, research has shown that red wine has good effects on health when taken in moderation. The alcohol and antioxidants helps to prevent heart diesease by increasing the levels of lipoprotein cholesterol (basically the good cholesterol).