Cable Providers In My Area

When I Looked Into Cable Providers In My Area

When I first got to the area, I was curious about cable providers in my area. I had previously used Cox, but I was moving states away. I really preferred cable television over satellite television. But, I needed to know what my options and prices were first in my new location. So, I looked to see what was available. I found out that Time Warner Cable was who serviced my new area. I had heard a lot about them, so I was pretty excited to see if I could start a business relationship with them at my new home.

I stopped by one day after visiting the electric company. I was met with smiles, and I was told about all of their packages. Now I could see where there weren't more cable providers in my area. I definitely wanted all the movie channels, so I really waited for them to hit me with everything they got. Well, they told me a price for everything, but then they added a discounted locked in rate, as well as providing me with movie channels and other perks free for the first three months. I was so thrilled! I couldn't believe it, and so I signed us up right away. They scheduled an appointment for the very next day, so everything would be hooked up before we were even moved in all the way.

So, that night I told my wife about how it all happened that day when I went to go visit Time Warner Cable. She was also very happy about the deal. I meet new people all the time here in town, and sometimes they come out to my home. At many points, I have had conversations about cable providers in my area and about my personal experience. I have had no issues with Time Warner at all, and I still get that same low rate.