Banksmeadow Public School

Staff Bulletin Term 3 Week 7, 24th - 28th August

WEEK 7 - Book Week

Monday 24th August

9:00am - Morning Assembly

3:15pm - Preschool Stage Meeting

7pm - P&C Meeting

Tuesday 25th August

8:15am - LST Meeting

3:15pm - TPL (Trauma - delivered by Julie Kerner Regional Learning and Support)

Book Week Parade & Book Fair

Wednesday 26th August

8:15am - Exec Meeting

12:00 Assembly

3:15pm - Maths Audit

Lina begins LSL (Returns Term 4)

Thursday 27th August

8:15am - Staff Meeting

9am-3pm - Finance TPL (Ben)

Big Band Bash at Daceyville PS (Roxanne)

Tina, Brendan & Annie Mtg to prepare Formative Assessment TPL

Friday 28th August

K-2 Athletics Carnival

12:30 - PSSA Sport

Thank You

In addition to all the thank yous and positives discussed on Thursday morning, I'd also like to thank everyone for your effort in preparing the new report templates. They read very well and will be a much more streamlined way of reporting to parents. Brendan and I will be presenting the drafts to parents at the P&C Mtg on Monday night for their feedback. We will let you know what the response is next week :)

Upcoming Events

Week 8

Monday 31st August - 8am - Teachers Fed Visit

Tuesday 1st September - Stranger Danger Talk (Stage 1), TPL (History Syllabus)

Wednesday 2nd September - Kindy Orientation Day (9-11am)

Thursday 3rd September - P&C Father's Day Stall, TPL Formative Assessment

Friday 4th September - Father's Day BBQ, PPA Mtg (Ben), Films due in to Films By The Sea, Peter begins LSL

Week 9

Monday 7th September - WHS Mtg

Tuesday 8th September - Spelling Bee Finals (Darlinghurst PS), TPL - Formative Assessment

Wednesday 9th September - Dance Fever Challenge (Homebush), Literacy Continuum TPL (Annie & Elise)

Thursday 10th September - Ice Block Day (Yr 6 Fundraiser)

Friday 11th September - Tina begins LSL