Race Relations in America

By: Sarah Walton


Slavery began when European merchants started the Triangular Trade. Triangular trade was was a system in which slaves, crops, and manufactures were traded between Africa, the Caribbean, and the American colonies. Slave ships where ships that the slave captures put the slaves in to sail across the ocean.After the discovery of the new world people wanted slaves so they could make a profit. there where more slaves in the south because on the plantation you needed more workers.

Slaves in America where treated very poorly. Workdays for a slave consisted of 15-16 hours a day 6 days a week . Slaves usually got Sunday off. Slaves ate cornmeal and pork.Slaves where not allowed to go to school. Slaves where allowed to attend church some but some slaves where frequently moved to hold there own religious meetings.Most slave-owners encouraged their slaves to marry. It was believed that married men was less likely to be rebellious or to run away. Child-bearing started around the age of thirteen but by the age of twenty they where expected to have about four or five . The slaves where treated as property by being sold,whipping ,and sexual abuse. Rape was very common. If a slave was caught running away.

It took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the United States with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In 1847 Frederick Douglass’s Newspaper Escaped slave Frederick Douglass begins publishing the North Star in Rochester, New York. In 1849 Harriet Tubman Escapes After fleeing slavery, Tubman returns south at least 15 times to help rescue several hundred others. In 1852 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Published Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel about the horrors of slavery sells 300,000 copies within a year of publication. In 1861-65 United States Civil War Four years of brutal conflict claim 623,000 lives.Lincoln was not an abolitionist, but slavery was an important part of his presidency.

Improving Race Relations Today

Race Relations

There are still racial tension in America today. Racial tension is still high today with police . I think police today need to be trained better dealing with African Americans. There is racial tensions with police with recent shooting and killing of young teenage African Americans. This racism with schools , housing , and jobs dates all the way back from slavery.

The legacy of slavery has contributed to these racial tensions.Tension still exist 150 years after slavery because people still think the way they did during slavery. Also because slavery ended but the racism didn't . It is difficult to forget our past supporting of slavery because of the racism today. That's why racism still exists 150 years after slavery ended.

My idea I have to improve race relations in America is to have a after school club at school. In the club we would have fun activities and games to improve race relations. During the club we would figure out ways to improve race relations in our own school. We would have a pep rally and I would also set up papers all over the school promoting the club. The more kids we get to join the club the better all schools would get dealing with race relations.

Sarah walton

My name is Sarah Walton this is my project on how to improve race relations
Sarah Walton