Next Olympic Sport by:Miriam Mohammed

How to play sport

People on their ski's,or a snow board that have a kite attached to the top the wind moves you to direction.The kite has to be a certain size it has to be 6-8 meter. If kids want to start to snow-kite they at least have to be in the range of 60-100 pounds so that they wont fly off with kite.For both men and women.This started out during 1982 by a man called Wolf Beringer in Erie,PA he tried to combine the two kiting and with sledding.Then in the late 1990's a small group of French and Americans came together to try this sport they invented.They liked it and in every event they had with sports in it they played it and this was all seen by many people and then they just had a new sport.

Rule 1

Always have someone with you because you don't know when there will be an emergency.

Rule 2

Always check the weather to see if there will be wind and the snow.

Rule 3

To carry appropriate gear


You have to have a jacket because it cold and the snowboard or skis which ever you want.Then you are going to need a certain kind of kite, because of the wind speed might be too heavy.Also you need helmet, glove& trowsers.

How snowkiting is won?

There is a GPS speed competitions where you have to have the highest speed record to win. Its a free styling sport and you get judged with how difficualt the tricks are done.

Top Competitors

Why this should be in the Olympic Games

This game is just like skiing or even snowboarding. They mostly both use the same equipment. Snowkiting has the same weather conditions of the same both do and even other sports do. Skiing need a sloop or mountain to use for their sport. Both female and males can do this sport. I don't see any difference of how snowkiting is not a sport it uses all the stuff that you can get for the other teams and its played around the world just like most of your sports in the Olympic. This is your new sport for the 2018 Olympic Games.