Pi, Historic

"The History Of PI"

What Makes PI,.. PI?

PI and π have a Mathematical Relationship. They Both Mean 3.14, Which Also Means Pi or π. Pi is is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle. Pi is A Mathematical Constant because it is used to find the Area and Perimeter right now. Pie is An Infinity Number, It Never stops.

Forever Pi

Pie is An Irrationally Number, There is No Fraction that Can Equal, 3.14 . There Are 5 Trillion digits known For PI, the first 3 being 3.14,.William Jones was One of the First People to Use PI. Choas Lou was The Champ at Memorizing numbers of pie. Pie Day Is Celebrated 3/14 Because These are the first 3 Numbers of Pie.

3.14, π , PI

Pie is Not Only Great For eating, But Problem Solving too


Pi has Been around for 4000 Years. Pie is Celebrated Also Because Albert Einstein's Birthday is today!