Darwin's Four Postulates

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Individuals within a population are variable

All organism in a species are different because of their adaptations and different genes. This proves that organisms must be different in order to survive to their environment. Variation does not prove that we are evolving, it just means that we vary to survive in our own place. With this variations we all have different limits because of where we are located and how our species has changed depending on our location.

Variations are Heritable

According to our gene’s variation when our parents conceive a child their DNA is mixed to create a singular unique person. We inherit our parents traits from physical looks to molecular function. Some examples would be that we inherit hair, eye color, illnesses, growth etc.
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Individuals Vary in Survival and Reproductive Success

Adaptations are different and could be good and bad. Some adaptations might kill the organisms, but others help them survive to create new generations. The reproductive success is defined by becoming better or just staying in line with the species. While other organism might be born with an illness and die killing that branch of genes. This prevents any other generation from having this gene that weakens the species.

Survival and Reproduction are Not Random

Natural selection is a way to say that genes do not randomly adapt, it takes thousands of years to evolve this kind of traits that will fit better to the species. Survival of the fittest is another way of saying that the weak die off and become extinct, while the strongest survive and create a new branch of evolution for the species. some of this changes could occur depending on the region the organism is located.



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