Nick's Amazing Kingsley news


All of the new things in Kingsley!

All of the new things in Kingsley. Kingsley has been updated during the summer of 2013. Kingsley looks a lot better. I mean we have brand new LRC carpet and a new back play ground It's like really fun. Last but not least we have a Brand new super cool principal Mr. Stange. The most I like about Mr.Stange is that he does morning announcements! Kingsley is the best school. Did you know than Mr.

Stange said he feels proud to be a brand new principal. He thinks it is nice meeting all of the new kids and teachers in Kingsley. Mr.Stange said "I was principal at my last grade school for 10 years". Mr. Stange still did morning announcements at his old school but the kids would have to go to the office to do it.

My top three favorite things about Kingsley

1.the brand new tile in the classrooms.

2.the new playground.

3.the new principal Mr. Stange

Thank you!

Thank you for taking your time to read my news letter :)