Building Project Update #3

Future Upper Adams Intermediate School


If you have visited Arendtsville recently you will see a great deal of progress! It certainly looks like a building project. They have been moving dirt and digging the retention ponds for the past several weeks. Most of the work is done without much distraction, and the students are doing a great job with ignoring the occasional vibration and noise. Students and staff take some time to watch the progress. What a great learning experience for all of us.

Electric Installation

One of the first signs of renovation was the installation of new electric lines. They needed to run the lines underground across the front of the building to the location of the future gymnasium. They worked quickly and provided a bridge so that we were not inconvenienced throughout this process.

Retention Ponds

One of the first major changes we could see was when they began digging the retention ponds. If you drive by the site, you will see three of them. One to the front along Fohl Street, one at the corner of Fohl and Conewago, and the other behind the building along Queen Street. It was amazing to watch this process and see the huge mounds of dirt on our property.

Preparing the Platform for the New Wing and Gym

Lobar had been busy moving dirt and creating the new platform for the new additions. We felt a little vibration as they were running the equipment near the window, but the students have been doing a great job tuning it out.

Footers are being installed at this time.

More updates to come....