Raffael Sanzio da urbino

By Brian Thibeault


  • Raffael was born in April 6 1483 in Uribino, Italy.
  • He lived in Uribino for most of his life but moved across Italy.
  • He worked with a man named Pietro Perugino
  • Raffael was born into power, his father was a duke


School of Athens

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  • The artwork is called school of athens
  • It was made 1509-1510
  • The artwork can be found in Apostolic Palace in Vatican
  • The picture in my words is a group of people outside a temple arguing
  • I think this picture is interesting because its dhow how people of the renessance wanted to show what life was like in Greece and Rome
  • Humanism is a "ism" that shows in this art because it shows people in a temple arguing And it shows human behavior


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