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Overview of all things Finance

Welcome to MK!

If you're deploying, re-deploying or just stationed here, see below for common issues, FAQs, and/or deployment-related information on Finance. We currently do not have an office YET, but feel free to email in the meantime.


First off, congratulations on a successful deployment! Before you go home, make sure you stop by your local finance office to:

  • Complete your Travel Voucher
  • STOP YOUR COMBAT ENTITLEMENTS! Avoid unnecessary debt and stress by not doing so

Stationed here?

Your entitlements include:

  • Hostile Fire Pay ($550/month)
  • Per Diem ($3.50/day)
  • Married? Family Separation Pay ($150/month)

You can find ALL your finance questions here at!

It's TAX season!

Get ahead on your taxes and don't wait until the night before they're due!

  • Get your W-2 and 1099s at
  • Tax Statement Schedule (click the link below under "Tax Statement Schedule")
  • Check out the most recent Basic Pay chart below
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