Consumer Bill Of Rights

The Six Rights

The 1st right is being informed. That means you should know what's happening and the prices of things. For example knowing the prices of something you want at different stores to find the best prices. The 2nd right is choose. It means you get chooses. For example you get chooses of the house you live in or what your job is. The 3rd right is being heard. That means you have the right to state your opinion. For example if you think a restaurant has bad service you could talk to the manager. The 4th right is education. That means you have the right to go to school. The 5th right is service. That is when you go to a store and buy something. An example of service is when you go to a store when you buy something. The 6th right is safety. That means you have to right to stay safe. For example is if you are buying something you check if it is safe for you.