Third Grade Blazers

April Newsletter

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Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Pingatore, Mrs. Keenan & Mrs. Haupt

Important Dates:

April 30th - PARCC Testing - Math Unit 3

May 1st - PARCC Testing - Math Unit 4

May 3rd - PARCC Testing - ELA Unit 1

May 8th - ELA Unit 2

May 10th - ELA Unit 3

May 10th - 2 Hour Early Dismissal

May 30th - In house (BRES) Field trip

PTA Sponsored School Directory

A PTA sponsored school directory website is being created for BRES students for parents to use for social connections such birthday invites, play dates or any other peer to peer events. If you would like to have your contact information posted for these purposes, as the school does not allow invitations to go out during the school day, please submit your information to the BRES Student Directory.

Web address:

Social Studies - Personal Safety Unit

The goal of the Personal Safety Unit is to protect children from unsafe and abusive situations by expanding their knowledge, empowerment, and continued awareness of safety skills.

The Personal Safety curriculum and materials of instruction were approved by the Frederick County Board of Education in 2007. Scripted lessons will be taught by your child’s classroom teacher, who was specially trained to teach this unit. The school counselor will also be trained and available for consult on this instruction. The unit will be taught in five (5) lessons.

Studies show that when parents and schools work together to present personal safety information to children, they are more likely to retain the information and less likely to be victimized. A consistent message that is reinforced at both home and school is the best prevention.

Science - Life Cycle

This was an exciting week for Science! Not only did we plant our seeds but we also received ladybug larvae, caterpillars, and chick eggs! We are so excited to watch the life cycles of these living things! Next week, we will look at different traits that are inherited by plants and animals.

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In Math, we continued to explore shapes and quadrilaterals. We also reviewed what we already know about area and perimeter. Next week, we will continue to solve for area and perimeter of quadrilaterals. We will also explore various kinds of graphs.

This is a link to a Quizlet that will allow your child to practice vocabulary associated with shapes.

These links we will help your child practice time.

We continue to identify various elements within poetry. We discussed similes and metaphors. We also identified why authors choose to use these in their writing. We located lines where poets use similes and metaphors. We even drew pictures based on the imagery used by poets. Next week, we will continue to identify various forms of figurative language that poets use in their poetry in order to unlock the meaning of the poem!

Writing - Narrative - Fairy Tales

We are focusing on the different elements (characters, setting, problem, solution) of narrative writing in order to create our own stories! Next week, we will create adaptations for fairy tales that we are already familiar with.

GET EPIC! Book at home with your child!

We are using Epic! in class to nurture students’ love of reading & learning. Connect with our class for free at using our class code to see what your child is reading & find out how to access Epic! at home.


Haupt - KKp3798

Pingatore - bix7737

Cook - ixa5568

Keenan - zqy6557

Word Study

We have begun word study groups with our students. Ask your child about the game, Word Sneak. It is a blast and an engaging way to start learning our new word patterns.

We have also been using word sorts, word study menus, and online tools like Spelling City and Freckle. Be on the lookout for word sort resources coming soon! If you want to have your child practice some online word study games, use the link below.

Third Grade Team

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