Social Changes in the 1800s

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The prison information ):

The government created a special facility for the mentally ill after Dorothea Dix mention to the government the state legislature of her finding in speech.

Some reformers tried to end the overcrowding of prisons and the cruel treatment and conditions in the prison.

Reformers tried to change the the way prisoners acted by education.

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The Problem

People put other people who were mentally ill in the same place as they murderers and other criminals. They punished the mentally ill the same exact way with no hesitation, like they they were bad because they were born with the illness.

Dorothea Dix (Mentally ill Activist) APUSH

waves of immigrants and Native Response

Many native born citizen feareed losing their jobs to

women's rights

Publications about women's right first appeared in the United States shortly after the American Revolution.This change look place when women took advantage of better educational opportunities.Many activists were upset that women could not vote.Married women in many states had little or no control over their own property.

Some women believed that they did not need any new rights.

some people thought that women did not have the physical or mental strength to survive without men's protection.Such people believed that women needed to be under a man's authority,they also believed her husband should control her property.

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Common School Movement

The Common School Movement changed the way schools work, by making more schools, making schools for teachers, making schools for blacks and women, and just in general teaching more. One reason for the movement was that private schools were elitist and would not serve the bulk of the population.
Horace Mann led the movement, and it influenced all of America. The many other reasons are 1. Create a unique American culture. 2. The culture could reform the new immigrants. 3. Teach the children to be Democratic.

Common School Movement Biography

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