Welcome Back HCS Employees

New Look, Same School - How we #DreamBigHWD

You may notice construction trucks and workers when you pull up to the schools on August 1. This summer has brought many changes to each of the Homewood City Schools’ facilities.

The elementary schools will be different from the minute you step in the front door with secured vestibules, a fresh coat of paint, and updated carpet, tile, and wallpaper. Additions and expansions will take place at each elementary school as the construction continues.

Homewood Middle School hallways have been transformed to add six new classrooms throughout the school (welcome to our new teachers). The band room has expanded and choir has moved so we can continue to hear beautiful music from our middle school students. Throughout this school year, HMS will see construction happening outside the gym as the new multipurpose facility is built.

The most recognizable construction is happening at Homewood High School on the North side of the school which has been demolished and cleared as crews prep for the new phase of adding more space, more classrooms, and a new and improved entrance to HHS.

All of these projects are being done because Homewood is growing. Since 2000, we have gained over 1,000 additional students. How are we attracting this many new students? Because each day our faculty and staff carry out our mission to “empower & educate students to reach their unique potential,” and our community is proud of the results that come from that dedication.

This growth brought us an opportunity to dream big! Homewood was able to dream about the future of our schools and what they would look like for our future students. But HCS administrators aren’t the only ones dreaming about the future. As school employees we bet you have been dreaming about the future as well. Have you been dreaming about your classes this year, which students will be with you, and what new things or goals you will implement in your classroom? Educators dream the impossible to achieve greatness, so we challenge you to think about how you will #DreamBigHWD for your students this year.

Facility changes, as exciting as they are, can bring challenges. It isn’t easy to have students in your buildings while construction is actively taking place. With all great things come challenges. As educators, you know this best. So this year, let’s all dream big! Dream about what you will accomplish and how you will motivate students, so you can make their big dreams become a reality!

Use the hashtag #DreamBigHWD throughout the year on social media

to show our community how Homewood City Schools is working

toward the future for our students.

Work hard, dream big!

National Board Certification

Homewood Schools and the Homewood Schools Foundation continue to expand their support of the National Board certification for teachers. The Foundation will continue to pay for one of the four modules ($475) for teachers pursuing NBCT certification. Now, certified teachers who are pursuing the renewal of their certificates can expect $400 toward that fee. Please contact Dr. Chappell for more information about accessing this support.

Homewood Schools is also proud to provide each school with an NBCT mentor whose role is to provide direct support to teachers pursuing their initial certification or renewal. Thanks to support from the Foundation, candidates will have access to Swivl cameras in each building to more easily and effectively record videos from their teaching for their portfolio submissions. NBCT teachers & candidates will also have access to ATLAS, a video library of accomplished instructional practices from actual NBCT certified teachers - organized by grade level, content, and standard.

There's never been a better time to pursue national board certification! If you want more information about NBCT, please contact your school's NBCT mentor:

Edgewood: Mary Thomas, Hall-Kent: Lisa Littlejohn, Shades Cahaba: DeShaundra Johnson, Homewood Middle School: Lisa Gaines, Homewood High School: Rhonda Rush

Park Memberships for HCS Employees

Homewood City Schools' full time employees receive a free membership to Homewood Parks and a $25 rate per additional household member. Homewood Parks & Recreation Board defines a "household" as 2 Adults (23+ years of age & 2nd adult must be spouse and/or partner of 1st adult) and dependent children age 22 & under residing in the same household. Children 3 years & under are free of charge but will be issued a membership card for admittance to facilities. When signing up for a membership, mention you are a HCS employee. If you are not listed on the Parks employee list, please contact hbe@homewood.k12.al.us.


The mission of Homewood City Schools is to educate and empower all students to maximize their unique potential. In order to achieve this mission, we know we must support the development of the whole child - academically, behaviorally, emotionally, and socially. We are proud to be in year two of the implementation of 'Safe and Healthy Homewood,' a 3-tiered comprehensive system of support based on the evidence-based Ci3T model. Established systematic screening practices and continuums of support services are being implemented throughout the district.

*The video below provides a brief overview of this exciting new program.*

An example of a Tier I educational program we will use is Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) training for faculty and staff. This training will be delivered over the next several years and will offer mental health literacy and help you identify, understand, and respond to signs of youth mental illness.