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October 12th

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Happy Sunday Team~~~~>>> I have your updated stats for tonight!! We are almost mid-month and we still have a lot of work to do! I am pleased with you all, you have been doing AMAZING so far!!! We are at 18K in team sales with a goal of 40K. We have 34 active merchandisers with a goal of 50 active. We only have 32 pop ups on the books for the remainder of the month. I know we can UP that number BIG TIME!!!!! Congrats to everyone so far!! Here is your top 10!! xo
1. Caren Lolley Miller 6981 Holy MOLY
2. Laura Wagg Gasiorek 4400 WOWzers
3. Deanna Fisher 809
4. Amanda Gearhart Lester 804
5. Lydia Correa-Gonzalez 472
6. Jenny Ziegelhofer 412
7. Tiffany Ann 331
8. Helen Norman and Stephanie Rodriguez 246
9. Dinah-Lee Torres 202
10. Brittany Rose Florio 188

Say YES!!!!!!!! Rsvp now to get all the goods on In Person Pop Ups!!

How about a Mystery Hostess Pop Up this month?? Not sure how to host one?? Here is the skinny on it~~~~>>
*YOU host it with your personal customer email/account
*You can do an in person event OR online
* I like to have EVERY $50 spent gets an entry to the pot. The more they shop, the bigger the pot
* Have a deadline and when the pop up ends DRAW a winner from the entries you have. ONE winner gets ALL the credits.
*Have her give you her list and then place the order using the hostess credits
* IF your pop reached jewelry incentives, you can chose to keep them, raffle them to an additional winner or give everything to the ONE winner. Up to you.

Loving this post from fellow DMM Gina Lukas over on the Merch Perch.

I've been with C+I for 2.5 years now and have learned some time saving tips from my fellow merchandisers that I want to share with all of you. I am a very busy mom of 2 so anything to cut my work hours down so I am more present with my boys is big in my book. Tips are even more valuable for me to if they help me build a consistent C+I business. Top merchandisers will repeat until they are blue in the face that sharing marketing assets that show "you" (selfies, lifestyle posts, how C+I is part of your everyday-even if you have another job) are much more powerful than a stock photo. Don't get me wrong the marketing assets from the content center are beautiful and useful to supplement how you represent your business on your social media channels.

It takes a while to build up a consistent online presence that your network will find confidence in. That is, enough confidence + enthusiasm to go to your boutique to shop and support you. (Sorry, it's been my experience that people aren't going to just start shopping your boutique without effort on your part to personalize your business.) The good thing, personalizing your business is fun + creative! If you take steps to be savvy it won't be time consuming! So here are my tips to help you save time and be impactful with your "own" marketing assets.

1) Schedule a "Selfie Day" Yup, I do it. I pick out 3-4 outfits get out all the jewelry that I know I will be showcasing on my online boutique for the month. I like to change up my boutique weekly. I NEVER feature the entire collection. I carefully curate based on what I will be marketing to my network via social media channels, email campaigns, etc. (of course there are still random selfies that are taken the day of) However, it is nice to have a file of pics on your computer/phone that you can pull from to post on your social media channels, instead of scrambling for pics. Doing this also gives you the opportunity to put effort into picking the best photos to share. I mean, you are your brand right?

2) No shame. Take 50, maybe 100 selfies. Selfies are something you have to practice. As you figure out what works for you, you'll start to take less. Something I learned from Ericka Hostler Stefani Jacobsmeyer Nicole Berenguer Nora Demick and Jensine Reyes is to take them from different angles. Valerie Laramee has great photography skills and she will tell you to use lots of light!

3) Chloe+Isabel lifestyle posts. What makes a good post? It's that moment when you look down at your wrist or the rings on your hand when you are living your everyday and you think, "gosh, I love this ring." Sometimes, it's that moment when you are working and you think "wow. I love my job" Other times, it's that moment you are enjoying a cup of coffee and you think "everyone needs this ring" That's the money shot. It's that lovely moment that C+I is part of your whatever it is you are doing.

4) Here are some key things to watch for to make sure your pics on are on point!
Background---make sure there isn't a mess back there. You want the eye drawn to your style+jewelry not a messy background.
Don't choose filters that are going to distort the jewelry or just go with the no-filter trend
Choose a consistent filter
***Check out the Chloe+Isabel Instagram feed to get inspriation
Find a marketing partner and work together to grow this skill set for your business. Have someone check it out.
Ask yourself, is it look book worthy? If it is, post it.
******EXTRA BONUS. Ever wonder how photos get chosen for the look book, regram, website, marketing assets etc? In addition to hash tagging‪#‎chloeandisabel‬ on your Instagram posts, you should upload your photos onto the Community Photo Album. When you are logged into your online office and go to a piece of jewelry, scroll down and you will see the community photo album. This is where you can upload your photos of that particular piece. This is a great resource for you to find pics to share with you customers on demand. You no longer have to post "spam me pics of the torsade" you can find the pics via the Community Photo Album.

Our ‪#‎faststartpledgers‬ have been blessed with another VIP video. This one from Shana Cawley!!! Do you want to be part of this special group??? Take the pledge today!!!!

Round 2 has begun for Oktoberfest!!!!! Hop over to take part!! Janna Massey Lewkow won the raffle for the 1st week!!! YAY

WEEK 2~ Oct 9-16~ Booking TWO October POP UPS from now until Oct 31st!!!!
Okay Merchandisers, we all know what makes the biggest BANG and puts cash into your pocket on November 5th…...POP UPS!!!! This week we challenge you to book TWO OCTOBER pop ups falling between now and Oct 31st! As long as you have 2 more pop ups scheduled for October, you will get an entry to the raffle! Shout it out LOUD and PROUD in the comments ‪#‎2luckycharmpops‬ OR ‪#‎2fabflyerpops‬ so we can keep track!!
Even better, screen shot your pop up screen and post it here in the comments!!! We will be posting images to share and resources for you! Fall is the BEST time to pop up, everyone wants to start their holiday shopping and woman LOVE to make a fashion or style change in the Fall.

Caught this over on the Merch Perch......I LOVE one hour power events!!!

I have been hosting one hour power hour events for the last couple months, and they have been a hit, especially for my out of town guests, they want to host but its not possible in person, How I start is by shipping them a bundle of lookbooks to share with their family and friends near them, I ship them directly from the dashboard, then about 2 weeks later we do the power hour, the hostess love that fact that they can physically share the lookbooks prior to the event, I start a FB event , and post the online link ,and list my hostess as a co host so she is able to invite and message guests as needed, After she invites her guests and they accept the invitations,I sent them a personal welcome ( through the message guest tabs), then I start posting pictures,and familiarizing them with Chloe and Isabel, before the power hour I get a feel from their comments about what their tastes are, and I start a folder of pictures and graphics that I will use the night of the event, Once the event starts, I do roll call to see who is online, I welcome them by name and address questions directly to them, as I post a picture or graphic I put a # beside it, that way if they post out of order , I'm covered, They can say ...Is #9 available in silver also, or something like that, I don't play tons of games, but I do a rewards system according to if they were there for roll call, if they comment on posts, if they tag friends, if they book a pop up, and if they place an order, I also do a giveaway for the raffle code.They have been working great for me, and are a perfect option for merchies that aren't able to leave their homes, or have out of town guests!!

I still have openings for phone appointments this week. Let's CHAT!!!!