The Hawaiian Overthrow

All Hawaii stands together for a new beginning


The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17,1893 would not happen without the strong power of minister Stevens, President Cleveland, and president McKinley

Historical Significance

The long term in this significance is that the Hawaiian Kingdom was once a independent country but ones the "HAOLES" came they started to go down hill and in 1898 making Hawaii part of the United States country.I want the reader to take away that the Hawaiian kingdom was forced to be taken away from people that are not even from Hawaii.

Is Hawaii legally and lawfully a state of the union?

To me I do think that Hawaii is a legally and lawfully state of the union because were forced into this union and us, the Hawaiian people are forced to eject the memory of the Hawaiian kingdom blood just to inject the cold new blood of the United States as a new country.

Supplement Info

The picture is about the queen being teased in this picture. On the bottom are the association that wants to take over.
This picture shows a lady from the U.S and the Hawaiian people are wondering what and who she is. little realizing that they are taking over