The Fontaine Flier

September 27, 2013

Word of the Week....Wow!

"Wow!" ... I think I said this word over a hundred times this week! In math we are doing some pretty difficult subtraction strategies and they have all caught on so quickly and are actually applying them. I just love to hear them explain their thinking on how they arrived at their answer. We did an informational writing sample this week so I could gauge their writing skills. Again, "wow!" I cannot wait for you to see the difference between their writing on the first week of school and what they are producing now...and it's only the end of September. Occasionally, I will throw out a really big vocabulary word (my mom was a teacher and I had a "word of the week" throughout my childhood. Yes, even in middle school I was to use my word at least 13 times.) A couple weeks ago I used the word perspicacious ( highly observant and able to understand things that are not obvious) and the kids are actually using it in their everyday conversations! I about fell over in the Dr. Seuss chair the other day! In reading, we are learning both strategies for comprehension and decoding unknown words and they are all applying these as well. I can already see great progress in reading! So hopefully you are thinking the same thing I have been...WOW!

Next Week...

Reading-Harcourt story-Helping Out

Comprehension strategy-Finding the main idea, asking questions before, during and after reading

I will be pulling students out for QRI testing on Wednesday. (There will be a substitute filling in for me.)

Spelling pattern-ear (ur sound as in learn, earth, etc.)

Writing-Begin focusing on 6 Trait writing-Word Choice

Math-Wrapping up Topic 3-Subtraction Strategies. Topic Test on Wednesday. Begin Topic 4-Understanding Arrays

Social Studies-Finishing up Communities and American Symbols. Look for study guide to come home on Monday. Social Studies test will be on Friday, October 4th.

Science-Finishing up our Frog & Toad Animoto presentations

Conferences- Wednesday October, 16th and Thursday, October 17th

Conference times will be coming home on Friday, October 4th. I scheduled everyone based on their first preference, but if something has come up and you need to reschedule, please let me know.

We earned a reading campout for filling our marble jar!

Next Friday afternoon ( October 4th) we will be having a reading campout! Students can wear their pajamas to school and bring in either a pillow or stuffed animal. We will be having smores and reading by a (fake) campfire.

Pizza Anyone?

Our field trip was a blast! We all looked stunning in our hair nets and aprons. We learned all about the importance of food safety and how to make one yummy pizza! It was so much fun! A big thanks to Mrs. Braden, Mrs. Trachsel and Mrs. Northcutt for helping out!


Just a reminder that homework is due on Fridays. Our first priority, when it comes to homework, is for all students to be reading, reading, reading at home. Thank you so much for reading with your child or reminding them to read at least 15 minutes per night! Don't forget to mark down the days your child read during the month of September and send it in.

Book Fair-open during the week of conferences!

Important Dates to Remember

Tuesday, October 1st-Mustang Store open/Chess Club

Friday, October 11th-No School (Staff Development day)

Conferences-Wednesday, October 16th and Thursday, October 17th

Friday, October 18th-No School

Monday, October 21-No School (Staff Development day)

Specials Schedule

Monday-Library/Spanish and Teacher-led Computer Lab





Big Word of the Week

pusillanimous-cowardly or timid

Spelling List 7
















Congratulations to our Students of the Week-Katie Carr and Julian Marquez!

Have a wonderful weekend!