by Gia

General Description

A dry grassland with few scattered individual trees, found in war or hot climates.
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Types of Animals

Elephants, Zebras, Horses, Giraffes

Types of Plants

Rhode grasses, Red Oats grass, Star grass, Lemon grass, Shrubs, a few trees, grass is coares - mostly bare land

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Annual Rainfall

10-30 inches per year - little rainfall

Average Yearly Temperature

68-86 degrees 6-8 months of a wet summer season, 4-6 months of dry winter season

Soil Type

Mostly dry - patches of coarse grass

Amount of Sunlight

Geographical Location in The World

Covers half the surface of Africa, large areas in Austria, also South America, and India.

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Unusual Fact About Biome

Lightening strikes in the dry season a lot. The lightening creates fires, the fires clearly the land of dead grass. During the rainy season, the rain revives the land. the seasonal fires play a role i the savanna's diversity with plants and animals. creates a new environment that suits them.

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