Black Regit

By: Kool Kidz


The dimension of the Black Regit

head- SA is 148 sq in

body-SA is 61 sq in

front legs- SA is 228 sq in

back legs- SA is 228 sq in

wings- SA is 80 sq in

total SA is 745 sq in

All about the Black Regit

The black regit is a cross between a crow and tiger. It can fly and it can walk. His wings help him fly to his prey and when he gets close he lands and sneaks up on the prey. It can be very mean and very friendly. He will attack you if he feels as if he is in danger but he will let you pet him if you are friendly. He is orange and black with wings and legs, he likes to camouflage him self so he is out of the Sun and so he can rest up for the night when he does all of his eating and attacking. His habitat is in the jungle and if he leaves the jungle he will die. His main strength is being able to fly and walk because he can do whatever the situation brings to him. He can fly on to the predator and kill him or he can use his speed to run the animal down. His weakness is not camouflaging him self in the day because he is orange and his prey can see him from a mile away.