April 24, 2015

Dear Parents,

We have one more round of PARCC tests that will be administered next week and Monday, May 4th. Our classes will be testing in the computer lab and in the LMC. When we test in the LMC, we will be using the iPads. We're confident our strong UMAC learners can tackle these final three tests of the school year!

Horist/Russell PARCC Schedule (* indicates 11:30 lunchtime):

New Friends:

  • Monday, April 27th: ELA 11:15-12:40
  • Thursday, April 30th: Math 1 12:20-1:35*
  • Friday, May 1st: Math 2 1:50-3:15

Old Friends:

  • Thursday, April 30th: ELA 12:20-1:45*
  • Friday, May 1st: Math 1 1:45-3:00
  • Monday, May 4th: Math 2 12:20-1:45*


This week in shared reading we read an excerpt from the seriesThe World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney. Students analyzed how the point of view affects how a story is told, especially when a hamster is telling the story! In this story, the family learns that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. It wasn't until Humphrey the hamster helped the family become "unplugged" did they learn how much technology use was distracting them from having fun in other ways.


This week we started Investigation 1 of our Environments science unit. Students gained experience planting 5 different kinds of seeds: radish seeds, clover seeds, barley seeds, corn seeds, and pea seeds. We are going to observe our terrariums and watch our seeds come to life. Take a look at our different science groups planting their seeds.


Sun, April 25: Feet Meet 8 am!!

Mon, April 27: Talent Show try-outs after school

Wed, April 29: New Friend Band Field Trip 9:15-10:15

Colonial Cafe night 4-10

Thurs, April 30: Volunteer Breakfast 8:15 in the LMC

Fri, May 8: Moraine Hills Field Trip

Thurs, May 14: Woods Creek Academic Night 6:30 - 8:00

Queen Amidala from Star Wars dropped by today to inspire us to keep on reading!

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