Miss Fuchs' Math Updates

September 16th

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Important Dates:

Tuesday, September 20: Math Test Chapter 3!

Friday, September 23: 4th math homework packet due

Our Strategies:

We have practiced the strategies:

  • Counting on" starting from the largest number then counting on (ex: 7+2= 7, 8, 9)
  • Number bonds
  • Drawing pictures of each part and then adding the parts together to find the whole (or sum)
  • Ten Frames
  • Addition sentences

How to study the BEST way?

In this chapter, your child has learned the basic addition facts up to 10. Some skills your child should practice are:

  • counting on and using number bonds to add
  • telling addition stories
  • writing and solving addition sentences
  • solving real-world problems

**Help your child to come up with their own math story problem & have them solve it** This concept can be difficult for students-make real world connections!

I have sent home a study packet in the students take home folders. Look over the lessons and problems on the page. The students can complete some of the pages that are not completed to practice their skills. Additionally, there are other resources on FSAConnect if you feel your child may need more practice. I will also be sending home a short review page on Monday that you can look over before the test!


Whats coming up next?

Chapter 4: Subtraction to 10!

We will be learning various strategies to show and model subtraction problems.

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