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Have you ever wondered about the lord of the sky? This is Zeus. In his roman form he is Jupiter. But I will talk about his Greek form. He is lord of the sky, ruler of mankind and the world. He is in charge of Olympus. Olympus is where the Olympians and most minor gods live. A minor god is a god that is less powerful and does not have a throne on Olympus. An Olympian is god that lives on Olympus AND has a throne. Except for Hades, he lives in the underworld. Okay enough of the other gods let's talk about Zeus.
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Be a Good Boy Zeus

Zeus's parents were Cronus (or Kronos) and Rhea. Cronus swallowed all of his godly children, in fear he would overthrown by his kids like he overthrew his father Ouranos. Zeus was taken to a cave in Crete by Rhea where nymphs raised him in secret so he would not be swallowed. Whenever he cried the nymphs would play music so that Cronus did not hear him and swallow him as he did the other Olympians. He was raised to be a young man and he overthrew his father.
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Bye Bye Titans

Rhea gave Cronus a rock wrapped in a blanket so he thought it was Zeus. After Zeus was a grown man Rhea gave Cronus a drink that had a poison in it that didn't hurt Cronus but it made him puke up his children. Zeus and his godly siblings overthrew Cronus and the gods had a draw. Zeus won and became the ruler of gods.
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Fun Facts

Makes you say "What?"

Did you know that Zeus married many people? Zeus married his sister (Hera), his grandma (Gaea/Gaia), many of his daughters (Artemis, Aphrodite, Demeter, Hestia, etc), his niece and many more family members.

Is Zeus a freak?

Is Zeus a freak? No. My answer may seem crazy, but I have reasons. Actually marrying his family members actually shows great leadership. Leadership. Just how is that leadership? He did about the weirdest thing ever, just to create the human race. Then the only people were his family, because the world started with one person, Chaos, his special powers allowed him to create the titans from magic. The only living creature were part of Zeus's family. He had to marry his family members in order to make the world.

Bye bye.

That is all I have about Zeus. I still have question though. Greek gods or just God wouldn't that mean we all are related is some way? Well, I will let you figure that out.