Social Conventions

A Somewhat Satirical Play Mocking What's Socially Acceptable

In The Beginning...

The play follows a young man named Christian Muhammad. This awkward name is the cause of a disagreement when he was born. His parents, torn between names shouted out "Why not make him Christian Muhammad. That will make neither of us happy!" The person working at the hospital was frustrated, and put the name Christian Muhammad on the birth certificate, paving the way for an extraordinary, if somewhat odd individual.
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The Saga Begins

With the stage set, we begin the tale of Christian Muhammad. As a child, he was bullied. Imagine that. So, his parents had to move quite a bit. Finally, they settled in a nice town with a good economy that prevented bullying. Detroit. He grew up very nicely in Detroit, almost too nicely. He was a unique child after all, but the city of Detroit sheltered him. The city of Detroit encouraged being different, unique, with its nice neighborhoods and accepting people. So, when he moved to the Canada, the hard core, white supremacist people live there did not accept his eccentricities. For example, whenever someone would say "What's up?" He would give a long, in depth answer to his current emotional state in contrast to the quick, one or two word answer expected by our social norm. His wardrobe consists of silk bell bottoms and a v-neck t-shirt that goes down to his navel. He has a natural Afro and wears reflective glasses that cover 60% of his face. He listens to Bach, Beethoven, and generic Screamo. And so, he was shunned by the horrible, mean people of Canada and died penniless and alone.
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The major character, Christian Muhammad, is an arguably psychopath who insists he was tested for craziness. What he doesn't mention is the results. He enjoys a variety of music, especially Classic and Screamo. He has a few friends in Detroit, but none in cruel Canada.

Drake Ula, Christian's best friend in Detroit is a kind and accepting person who enjoys the company of all. His favorite color is the blood red and favorite food is very rare steak. He is a straight A student who sports sharpened teeth. He is loved by all.

John Smith is the primary bully who harasses Christian in unruly Canada. He has plenty of friends, most bought, and is a rich child who lives in a nice subdivision. This is probably the cause of his drug and alcohol abuse.

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I truly hope you consider my play. Remember, conformity is happiness!