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A resignation from adulthood and pledge to play: Kevin Carroll at TEDxOU

My Challenge to You

Take 6 minutes to watch Keven speak at TED-OU earlier this year. He discusses the power of play and taking an adult resignation... sounds great huh!?!

Sometimes I feel that as we get older we often forget what it means to be a child. We are so caught up in the adult problems & solutions, difficulties & successes that we forget about the simplicity that is a part of life. What were your childhood dreams? Can you remember them?

I challenge you to take time to view the world through the eyes of a child. Take your resignation and go outside and play. Allow your imagination to run wild... turn a stick into a magic wand... lay in the grass and name off all the objects you see in the clouds. When you take time to let your brain and body relax to this level you will be surprised at how quickly you will bounce back when you have to be an adult again.

When I take time away and allow my brain to go elsewhere I often find that when I come back to my reality that I think more clearly, I have more creative thoughts, and solutions to problems often present themselves without me having realized it before.

Remember to take a moment and view your lesson through the eyes of your students. Would you want to do what is set up for the day? Choice and creativity options in lessons allow for student buy-in and greater participation. Taking a "fun-break" during the learning will be a surprising change of pace for your students that just might keep them interested in what you are trying to teach them.

Think. Achieve. Succeed.


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Week at a Glance

Monday: Progress Report Grades DUE; PDAS & ATR Self Reports are Due

Tuesday: AVID Lunch; School Board Workshop 5:00pm & Meeting 7:00pm -- Central Office

Wednesday: City Wide PTO; Progress Reports go home

Thursday: Lunch & Learn: TWITTER

Friday: LPAC Meetings