Daisy's History

By: Mia White

Daisy and Jay Gatsby

Daisy was found inside a car with this gorgous guy. Sources say that the guy's name is Jay Gatsby and he's in the army. The two seem to be old friends, but better yet, they seems like there definitely more than just friends. Wonder if these two lovebirds will hit it off? The way these two are cuddled up under each other, she'll definitely wait for him to come back from the war


Daisy's Wedding Day

Daisy and her fiance, Tom Buchanan, tied the knot at the most biggest and luxurious wedding in the century. Everyone wanted to attend the exclusive party. About more than 100 guests attended the wedding. They all came in fancy cars and fancy clothing. She wore the most elegant dress with the most expensive jewelry. Watching her walking down the isle, one could tell that something was a little wrong. I mean its the wedding everyone wants to attend. She probably got a little butterflies.https://www.omnihotels.com/-/media/images/hotels/gpirst/weddings/gpirst-omni-grove-park-resort-black-white-wedding-kiss-nye.jpg?h=2249&la=en&w=3373&h=2249&la=en&w=3373