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Upcoming Events


5th Grade Human Growth and Development

March 16

  • Faculty Meeting
  • Dr. Nicki Math PD

March 17

  • Imagine Learning Visit (7:30)
  • DC Parent Meeting (5:30)
  • Magnet Coordinator Meeting
March 18
  • 2nd Grade Field Trip
  • Bracket Breakfast A-L
  • Kelly out for District Training

March 19

  • 2nd Grade Field Trip
  • Bracket Breakfast M-Z
  • Sig Hutchinson (3rd grade/9:20)
  • Principal Meeting

March 20

  • 2nd Grade Field Trip


March 23

  • Happy birthday, Morgan A. & Deidra!

March 24

March 25

  • Happy birthday, Tamsen!

March 26

  • Spring break!

March 27

  • Spring break!
  • Happy birthday, Rachel H.!

March 28

  • Happy birthday, Natalie!

March 29

  • Happy birthday, Jacquie!


There have been several thefts reported in various schools in Wake County. All guests should have a visitors’ badge or a WCPSS nametag. If anyone is on campus without a nametag, please call the office. Please make sure all valuables are locked at all times. Please DO NOT leave IPADS out when you are not in your class. We have spent a lot of money to get this technology for our students and we need to be good stewards of our resources.

We have Imagine Learning Training tomorrow from 7:30-9:00 for select staff. You know who you are.

Experience the First Grade Habitats this week. Thank you for providing this experience for our students.

Our students represented us well at First in Fitness. Special thanks to Mr. Graff and Mrs. Powell who assisted our students in this wonderful activity.

Penny and her mom worked all weekend to get student art ready and organized to go for the Art Show. Based on what I saw, we are in for a real treat!

We are very excited to have Dr. Newton back with us. Please let us know if you have any challenges with coverage or if we can help in anyway.

Kelly, Kendra and I will be busy getting things ready for Round 1 of Summative Evaluations. Please let us know if you need anything.

If you are considering a transfer or if you are contemplating not coming back next year, please let me know this week. I appreciate you recognizing my need to take care of Combs.

We have roughly 45 days of instruction left before EOG’s; every minute and every second counts. Courtney will share our growth and how we stack up to other WCPSS schools this afternoon. We can do it!

I will be out on Thursday for our monthly Principals’ Meeting.

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