Endangered Animals of North America

Save The American Bison


Physical Traits
  • mammal, covered in fur
  • 12.5 ft in length and around 5.9 ft in height
  • weighs over 1950 lb
  • communicates through hearing and smelling
  • male bison's horns curve slightly inward, female bison's horns are straight
  • long indented teeth (ARK)

  • most bison reside from Northern Mexico to Alaska
  • most graze in grasslands and meadow communities (American Bison's terrains) (NG)
  • live in sunny, dry climates
  • live in savannas, open plains, and grasslands (ARK)

  • plains, grasses, herbs, shrubs, twigs
  • finds food in open plains, savannas, and in grasslands
  • omnivore
  • predators of the american bison are wolves and bears (NG)

  • long indented teeth
  • the american bison relies on his/hers ears and nose because eyes can often be covered by the bison's fur (NG)
  • when in danger the bison warns the herd by grunting, snorting, growling
  • live and travel in groups
  • winter can be very difficult on the bison (lack of food, coldness, and young bison have high risks of dying during winter)
  • use horns to defend/fight (ARK)

Reasons for Endangerment and Conservation Efforts


  • Bison were killed during the 1800's by hunters
  • (The Great Depression had huge impact on Bison)
  • Native Americans relied on Bison as their food source, so the U.S government hunted down many bison hoping the Native Americans will lose their food source and leave
  • Eventually by 1890, there was less than 1000 bison in North America ( this made the American Bison endangered)
  • American Bison produces many products such as skin, meat, fur, and the bones (NWF)

Conservation Efforts
  • national parks and wildlife areas in the U.S and Canada play an extremely important role keeping the bison safe
  • the Bison Specialist Group is currently developing conservation strategies, while providing support and guidance to policy development
  • the Wildlife Conservation Society is working with the federal government to provide safe areas across federal lands such as Canada and Mexico for bison to roam around (on cross-boarder bison management) (NWF)

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