Cook's Counseling Corner

Information about the guidance program at MES

February 16-19

Monday - President's Day (classes will be scheduled at your NORMAL Monday times next week :)

Tuesday - Yancey, Callaway

Wednesday - Hartselle, Mobley, Marsh, Skipper

Thursday - Cotton, DesRochers, Stegherr, Wilson

Friday - Tuttle, Phillips, Learning Academy (Training at CO in the afternoon)

Info for Classes

Last week was great fun with the Kindergarteners and First graders. I decided to use a rude alligator (Al) and giraffe (Geoffrey) to teach the kids about manners. My throat did get a little raspy during the lesson, but I think the kids enjoyed my attempt at puppets.

I have planned a digital safety introduction for the fourth graders - sixth graders. We are reading Cell Phoney by Julia Cook. It's a great introduction with rules about cell phones. I will also give them a brief lesson on digital safety. I want our students to use their technology for good, not evil. We will take the grandma test... if grandma would approve, we can post our messages on the billboard.

The Second and Third graders will begin a career lesson. We will discuss the importance of choosing skills/interests that will help us with our future careers and how we start preparing for careers now. We will spend more time on this topic throughout the remainder of the semester.

Student of the Month

Be sure to select your student for February's Student of the Month.

February will focus on tolerance. Tolerance is getting along with those who are different. A tolerant person is open and respects differences that exist among people. He/she realizes there is more than one way to do a task. They are sensitive to the feelings of others and no not participate in ethnic jokes. A tolerant person is willing to learn about the culture of others and keeps his/her own values. Please us this character trait in any Black History Month lessons you do!

Here are the remaining Character Traits:

February - Tolerance

March - Fair

April - Honest

May - Cooperative

Cook's Counseling Crew

Cook's Counseling Crew will NOT meet this Thursday!

Be sure to encourage your students to submit notes for the Kindness Wall! Quotes seem to be a favorite. If your student finishes work early, encourage them to write jokes, kind notes, or neat quotes to go in the kindness wall :)

Referral Sheet

Remember if you have a student you are concerned with, you can fill out the referral sheet. It notifies me when you send it that I have a student I need to meet with, and it's documentation.

As always, if it's an emergency email is usually the best way to get in touch with me because I ALMOST always have my phone on me. You can always text me as well (256-542-8798).

Staff Spotlight: Julie Skipper

So I bragged earlier on the young teachers. Yes, they're full of energy, new ideas, and a fresh outlook on things. That is in no way to take away from the experience we have in the building. One teacher I love sitting and talking with is Mrs. Skipper. She is so optimistic and full of love for her kiddos. They can be trying at times, but she never gives up on them. She instead reminds me that sometimes the kids who seem the most needy are in need of the most love. She keeps me in check about the things that really matter. Some days our lessons are not going to go right... some days the kids are going to be squirrelly... Some days we have to remind ourselves it's just a bad day, not a bad year. We love and carry on.

A Glimpse of February So Far...