Saint Ignatius Band Announcements

Summer 2015 - Part 1


To all that were able to attend the Band Booster Beer Fundraiser; THANK YOU! The event was a lot of fun, all while raising a great amount of funds for the Band and school. Congratulations to all that won prizes!

A special thank you to Mr. Rob Gerrity and Mrs. Anne Hribar for all of their assistance and support in organizing the event!!!

The Music Settlement

This past year I was thrilled to announce a partnership with The Cleveland Music Collaborative. Through our partnership with them, Saint Ignatius began offering an academic orchestra and an after school lessons program that students were able to take advantage of.

This upcoming year we have a very similar agreement in place with The Music Settlement, a phenomenal arts organization that seeks to further the arts throughout Cleveland. With The Music Settlement, we'll be offering the same curricular orchestra, and the same style of after school music lessons. The added benefit, and a driving factor in our decision to team up with TMS was the cost of lessons to families. I'm excited to announce the price will drop deeply, with many scholarships available to students.

In addition to our partnerships in course offerings and music lessons, Saint Ignatius is actively looking to partner with The Music Settlement for Sophomore Service offerings. While nothing has been finalized as of now, there is a great amount of potential for opportunities in Ohio City.

More information regarding this topic will soon be available. The work that Cleveland Music Collaborative provided was fantastic. I'm extremely grateful for all that they did in furthering the music education of our students.

Summer Instrumental Use

If you are planning to use a SCHOOL OWNED instrument, and would like to use it throughout the Summer, PLEASE send me an e-mail to set up a time to get it. What is available to pick up and use now:



Marching Baritones

Trombones (if needed)

Clarinets (if needed)


I'm still waiting to receive tenor saxophones back from the shop. Once they are available, I will let you know!

Uniform Help

Parents -

If you would like to join the Uniform Committee, we're looking for a few more hands as we start the upcoming year. We could especially use some help July 22nd-24th for the fittings. If you are able to help at that event, or throughout the year, please contact Pam Consolo at <>.

Let's Talk About Practice

Students - throughout the course of the next six weeks, I'll be sending some practice guides for you to take advantage of. I'll outline what I'd love to see from each and every one of you when it comes to picking up your horn throughout this Summer. I implore and encourage you to take advantage of the free time you hopefully have. A relatively small amount of individual practice goes an extraordinarily long way!

Parents - You can help in this endeavor! Set aside a time and place for your son to get some solid minutes with his instrument. Ask questions (was the music difficult? what did you improve on most? what do you still need to work on?). If you have questions about the music, I'm happy to answer them!

Good News!

I'm thrilled to let spread some good news as we kick off Summer. Saint Ignatius recently acquired a number of new instruments to be used starting next year! We're the extremely fortunate recipients of:

Professional Model Tenor Saxophones

Professional Model Baritone Saxophone

Wooden Bass Clarinet

Additional King Concert Tubas

Additional Marching Mellophones

Additional Marching Baritones

It goes without saying that the acquisition of these instruments is a true blessing. The support this ensemble receives is unique; the Administration continues to give us every tool to succeed!


I understand that there may be many questions as we gear up for a great year. Please do not hesitate to reach out an ask about the Band or Saint Ignatius. I'm happy to answer them!