Local Small Business Loses Millions of Dollars in DATA

They Didn't Have Backup...

You or someone you know has a small or medium sized business (SMBs). If you're in the New Jersey, New York, Long Island, Connecticut area that was affected by recent natural disasters then there was probably a period of time that business was completely inoperable. Floods, winds, power surges...many local businesses have lost their technical hardware, and what can be worst of all: data. Those that were not prepared with backup paid dearly. Those that had on-site backup had better luck, but still found that some of their backups were destroyed. AE Technology Group has developed new creative off-site, cost-effective solutions to keep your data safe and get you back up and running with little to no downtime. ASK4Backup ensures that the data is always available to you, safe and secure in another location protected by multiple backups and power generators.

Statistically nearly 50 percent of SMBs that experience an event in which data is lost fail within 5 years.

How will you be protected?

Time IS Money....Will You Save it or Lose it?

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