Linda Vista View

December 2021

December Events

3 Earthquake Drill

7-9 Third Grade GATE testing

13 Sixth Grade Walk through the Ancient World

13-17 Toy Drive

13-17 Holiday Spirit Week

16 Holiday Sing (students only)

20-1/7 Winter Break

From Nutrition Services:

CLICK HERE for the December Menu

From the PTA:

Thank you so much to Linda Farrell for offering to be the PTA president following the winter break!

We are still in need of an Auditor. If you do not know what that is, don't worry!! We have people that will help! We just need someone willing & we would really appreciate a volunteer.

Thank you!

This month, our 6th grade students will enjoy the Walk through the Ancient World assemblies, provided by the PTA. Our teachers will enjoy a holiday luncheon provided by our PTA, also. Additionally, when Linda Vista's new marquee arrives at the district warehouse, PTA will be writing a large check to pay for the installation of the new marquee & electrical work needed.

We are so excited!!

If you would like to support the PTA by joining, CLICK HERE. If you would like to donate to PTA, you can bring a donation to the office or donate online with the same link above.

LCAP Survey

Please take a few moments to complete the OUSD LCAP survey. We value your input!!

Our goal is to have 100 Linda Vista parents provide feedback. Thank you!!

CLICK HERE to complete the survey.

Honoring our Veterans

Our 5th grade students did an amazing job honoring veterans in their lives at our Veterans Day assembly. Click the links to view their awesome presentations!

CLICK HERE for Part 1

CLICK HERE for Part 2

Toy Drive

We will be having a Linda Vista Toy Drive the week of 12/13-12/17 and encourage you to participate with your children. Another great opportunity to support our community members in need!

3rd Grade GATE Testing

All students in OUSD are screened for Gifted & Talented Education eligibility in third grade. This year, this assessment will be done December 7-9. If your child is absent, there will be a makeup session.

If you do not want your child to participate in this assessment, please contact the office for an opt-out form.

Trimester 1 Awards: Congratulations on your hard work!


Kindness - Ruby, Max, Mila

Most Dependable - Thomas & Layla

Sharing & Caring - Reagan

Best Artist - Eleanor

Improvement - Ana & Cristian

Friendship - Bronson & Ryann

Best Helper - Leia

Sportsmanship - Enzo


Super Readers - Connor B & Silas

Wonderful Writer - Lucas

Amazing Artist - Nikki

Budding Scientist - Travis

Technology Wizard - Connor A

Best Problem Solver - Maya H

Leopard Pride Safe - Sonya

Leopard Pride Kind - James G

Leopard Pride Responsible - Nixon

Sportsmanship - Madison

Personal Success

Kayden P & Trenton (1st), Logan H & Adam S (2nd), Emma V (3rd), Victoria D & Mason B (4th), Aileen & Scarlett (5th), Olivia & Evelyn (6th)

Leopard Pride - Safe

Max & Nathan (1st), Vincent & Harvey (2nd), Ana & Aubrey (3rd), Luke (4th), Samir & Lauren M (5th), Paul & Khloe (6th)

Leopard Pride - Kind

Zoey & Galilea (1st), Valentina & Diego (2nd), Josie (3rd), Lukesavan & Kaylee (4th), Christian & Britten (5th), Kalea & Salma (6th)

Leopard Pride - Responsible

Adriana & Juliana (1st), Brandon & Charlie (2nd), Caleb (3rd), Reed & Lavendar (4th), Sophia G & Tristan (5th), Kaiden & Josiah (6th)


Adam E & Charlotte W (1st), Lily B & Willow (2nd), Joshua C (3rd), Adam C & Luke C (4th), Abraham & Evan (5th), Charleigh J & Zella (6th)

Honor Roll

4th - Mason S, Victoria D, Brendan G, Reed C, Lukesavan C, Avery L, Sofia O, Emily S, June H, Sarah G, Adam C, Gavin K

5th - Sophia G, Sienna S, Finn V, Sophia W, Aileen Y, Riley B, Jason B, Tristan G, Leila I, Elaina M, Sam S, Kayla V

6th - Olivia A, Andrew C, Brent D, Zella H, Karyn P, Kimberly P, Grady K, Casey O, Ella R, Kara S

From the Grade Level Teams:


Hooray for TK

It was so impressive to see such a big growth academically and socially for my

TK students on our first progress monitoring. Thank you parents for your support at home. For the next few months, we will be working on Theme 5-Everyday Helpers, Theme 6-From Farm to Table, and Theme 7-On the Go. For math, we will be working on adding and taking away using concrete objects up to 5. Please continue working on number recognition, patterning, and sorting. In April, we will have a fieldtrip to Discovery Days at Centennial Farm to tie to our Theme 6-From Farm to Table. Have a wonderful holiday season and take care!


Our kindergarteners are 70 days smarter!

This past month we have been learning about the history and traditions of Thanksgiving. In Kindergarten, our focus is about putting the thanks into Thanksgiving! We learned how to make applesauce and shared it with our Big Buddies. They in turn helped us make noodle necklaces and patterned headbands.

December is just around the corner. Along with exploring winter holidays we will be learning about characters and settings with the help of our favorite winter stories. We will also learn the science of gingerbread kindergarten style. The kindergarteners continue to amaze me day in and day out with their love of learning and curiosity. Go Kinders!


The First Graders have been hard at work. We have been learning about What Makes a Community, which includes How Do Animals Live Together and How People Help in a Community.

The students worked together with their parents to create different buildings/structures in our community. It was so much fun to see the creativity and hard work come together.

The skills we have been focusing on are Main Topic and Key Details, digraphs, plurals, contractions, and common and proper nouns. We are working on building words and much more through our Wonders series.

We continue learning and practicing writing skills such as topic sentences, transition words, and conclusion sentences. We are reviewing using capital letters at the beginning of sentence, punctuation at the end of a sentence, along with spacing and letter formation.

In math, the students will be finishing our unit on adding numbers to 20. We will begin Topic 6: Subtraction Facts to 20.

As we move through our last few weeks of 2021, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!


We are so thankful for our hard working second graders! They are becoming excellent problem solvers and learning how to work well with others. We have set our new goals for the new trimester and plan to grow even more in this next trimester. In math we will continue to work on place value, addition, and subtraction with regrouping. Our new Reading Counts goal for the trimester is 30 points. Please help them stay on target and keep up with our weekly goal. They can all make it on gold! The holidays are finally here, and we look forward to reading plenty of fun winter stories, singing holiday songs, enjoying winter art, and continuing to build on our writing skills. Holidays are fun in second grade!


Our 3rd graders are cruising along. We’ve had a great time reading our first novel together. We are beginning our first research project where we focus on reading for information and presenting that knowledge in a creative way. We’ve just about finished learning all the lowercase letters in cursive. It’s so fun to start applying that in our everyday work. In math, we are continuing to learn about multiplication and division, and how they are related. Soon, students will be memorizing their facts. After that, we will begin the challenging concept of fractions.

During Social Studies, our classes are learning about Native Americans. We’re enjoying learning about their way of life and various customs, and how each region is different.

We will also look at different holiday traditions, activities, and foods from different countries around the world. The learning continues and our 3rd grade students are working hard.


Things are moving right along in 4th grade as we head into the 2nd trimester. The kids are continuing to work hard at developing good habits in regard to their schoolwork. They are getting used to the expectations required of completing assignments, and they are becoming experts at filling out their agendas. Many are doing well at getting their homework done regularly. We are very proud of their efforts.

In math this trimester you will see A LOT of multiplication. Students will be exposed to 2, 3 & 4 digit multiplication, as well as 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. We will be rounding out the end of the trimester with long division. Knowing their multiplication facts is key. Please continue to practice with your student at home. Also, please have your student complete and pass their two lessons in iReady each week, which is the goal. This program truly helps to strengthen their math skills.

In science we will continue with various STEAM projects and will continue to learn about energy conversions from last trimester. Towards the end of this trimester, we will be investigating the role that animal senses, primarily vision, play in their survival. In social studies, we will be learning about the California Indians, the early explorers to California, and we will begin our study of the California Mission System.

In language arts we will continue working on the skills of comprehension, grammar, and writing. Students will continue to learn about theme, finding main idea and details in stories, as well as determining the author’s point of view. Writing will focus on opinion and informative writing. Towards the end of the 2nd trimester will also see us starting our second novel study of the year, “The Island of the Blue Dolphins”.

Here we go. It’s going to be a great ride!


We are excited to start Trimester 2 off with a fresh start! In science and social studies fifth graders will be studying water on Earth and weather patterns. These topics will lead into Exploration of the New World and Early Colonization. In math, students will be learning how to multiply and divide with decimals and larger numbers. We will continue working with winter-themed math projects and coordinate plane mystery pictures. As Unit 2-language arts concludes, we’ll be enjoying some holiday and winter reading and creative writing assignments. After we return from winter break, we will begin our third novel study focusing on plot structure, theme, and character development.

To help build students’ foundational reading and math skills, all fifth graders will be required to reach 60 Reading Counts points for the trimester and pass a minimum of two iReady lessons each week. With help from Coach Joel, we will begin preparing students for the CA State Physical Fitness test in March. It will be a busy trimester and we believe our students are up for the challenge!


First trimester has come and gone. In the first trimester we learned about Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. This will help prepare the students for their Walk Through Ancient Civilization in December. In math, we finished several topics on order of operation, variables and expressions, and integers and other rational numbers. We finished our math topics by completing a holiday themed math breakout box. Students worked collaboratively to solve five separate puzzles to open a corresponding lock. They had the best time completing these tasks and keep asking for more break outs. Looking towards second trimester, students will be preparing and rehearsing an assigned character and civilization for our walk through on Dec. 13th. In January, we will visit Santiago Middle School where they will learn about classes and electives. In language arts will be starting two different novel studies. Mrs. Grant’s group will be reading The Golden Goblet and Ms. Ward’s group will be reading The Egypt Game. We wish everyone e a safe and happy holiday season.