Computer Engineer

By: Declan McGlachlin

Career Overview

Computer engineers plan and design computers and computer equipment. They recommend different types of programs for their companies.

What do You Need to Succeed

Good classes to take in high school are: computer programmer, calculus, technical writing, advanced algebra. As far as college, I would need a minus of a bachelors. You would use science and math to create computer programming.

Cost of Education

Tuition per year - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee $9,430

Tuition for 5 years = $47,150

  • housing for amount of time in college = $ 36,540
  • food/groceries for the amount of time I will be in college = $7000
  • gas money for travelling/helping pay for carpooling during time at college = $ 20000
  • clothing money for time at college = $5000
  • total tuition for total time at college = $37,720

Cost of all college = $ 88,260

Pros and Cons


1) Get to work with computers

2) get to improve companies computer systems for the better

3) get paid very well for the starting year


1) Lots of pressure

2)Have to meet deadlines

Job Advertisement

Career - computer engineer

Description - create computer nod computer code

Work conditions- work inside with a small team

Education - need a minimum of a bachelors

Salary - national average is $80,000

Commercial - You like math? You like science? If you do there is one simple equation for the perfect career. Computers plus Science plus Math equals Computer engineer. Become a computer engineer today. Change the future.