Gemini Missions

By Galilea

What are the Gemini Missions?

The Gemini Missions are practice test that NASA did to practice space-walks, docking and rendezvous. Project Gemini was the second human spaceflight program from NASA. Their first practice and try to do the Gemini project was April 8, 1966 and their missions were completed until November 11 1966. The Gemini missions were missioned for less than a year they completed missions were Gemini 3

The gemini missions were only missioned for less than a year. They completed missions Gemini 3, Gemini 4, Gemini 8, Gemini 6A, Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Gemini 5, Gemini 2, Gemini 9A, Gemini 11, Gemini 10, Gemini 1. The astronauts who volunteered for the missions were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Gus Grissom, Jim Lovell and Michael Collins.