No Excuses University -- Assessment

Week 5 DQ 1

Describe how your mindset has changed or been validated.

After reading Lopez’s quote, my mindset has been validated. One I loved about the quote is that Lopez (2013) made it clear that assessments are about the students. I feel that assessments can be used to inform and guide the teachers in a positive way. I also like the idea of talking to students about the assessments and why they are been used. Involving the students with than the process will help relieve some of the stress and anxiety they may have.

How might you use these questions in your current or anticipated practice

As a teacher, I would use these four questions to help me evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen assessment. If the assessment is not effective than its time to make some changes and modify the assessment. I believe that assessment that are not effective is a huge waste of the teacher and student’s time.

What value might it add to your practice by keeping these questions in mind

By keeping these questions in mind it will help me to ensure that I am using the assessment appropriately for example if I am teaching five year olds, I would want to make sure my assessments are age appropriate. I believe that it may help guide me in the right direction if I am struggling with specific assessments.

In what ways have you succeeded/failed to make students your partner in assessment

As of right now I have not had any experience in assessing students in a school setting. Here at the school where I teach they don’t use assessments until January. I am assuming because they are three years old, and Pre-K 3 is not mandated. So whenever I do get the opportunity to assess them, i will make them my partner by asking them questions, and allowing them to be a part of the assessment.


Lopez, D. (2013). No excuses university: How six exceptional systems are revolutionizing our schools(2nd ed.). Turnaround Schools Publications.