North vs. South

Tori D. period 7


Geography in the North

In the north there was four seasons. Freezing winters, hot humid summers, spring, and fall. There is a lot of hills and mountains in the North.

Geography in the South

Mild winters and Hot humid summers. The south had wide costal plains, swamps, marshes and mountains. The south had lots of rain fall.


Transportation in the south

In the south a lot of farmers used boats to transport their goods but they would often rot before they arrived. Railroads were invent and became a popular use or transportation for farmers. There were 10,00 miles of rail road tracks. Steam boats were often used to ship cotton bales to markets.

Transportation in the north

In 1806 congress funded the construction for a National Road across the Appalachian mountains. The purpose was to connect the new western states with the east.River was faster and cheaper than travel by land but it was hard to move upstream and the steam engine was invented. Transportation kept improving and many companies now traveled by railroads. By the 1840's there were more than 20,000 miles of railroads.


Economy in the South

The south's economy was based on agriculture. The south was known for growing cotton, they had huge plantations for cotton and tobacco. The Cotton Gin was a cotton engine and it separated cotton fiber from seeds. It help the south clean cotton a lot more then by hand. Cotton sales were higher than any U.S. goods combined.

Economy in the north

The north had a big growth in the industry business. Cabot Lowell stole the idea from the British testile mill owners to make machines to spin cotton into thread. When he came back to america he built even better machines. The north kept making new machines and they increased the rate of agricultural goods that could be produced.


society in the north

The north didn't have slaves like the south. Most of the northerners didn't live on farms but were moving into the cities. In the cities there were not a lot of sewers so a lot of diseases were spread. African Americans in the north were freed and were not slaves but were not treated the same as whites. They could not attend school or get an education, vote, hold office, or serve on juries.

Society in the south

The south had slaves unlike the north But only the small group of very powerful and rich people. Most of the white families worked on there own farms and used everything they made for themselves. A lot of the men have educations and went to colleges and universities. But most girls had little education. Most African Americans in the south were slaves. The few that were not slaves had to wear special badges , pay extra taxes, and couldn't live by whites.
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