From the Flight Deck

April 16, 2021

Jet for a Day Tarwater Principal, Ms. Hale

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Thank you to Tarwater Principal, Diane Hale, who was a good sport (or should we say, a good pilot?). Jacobson Principal, Liz Wolf, won a bet against Ms. Hale this year when our community raised the most School Cents points at the Chandler Fashion Center. Ms. Hale had to dress like a pilot and greet our little Jets as they arrived this week. She rocked her role as a guest Jet!

Lit Skills are Blooming in Kindergarten!

Students in kindergarten are celebrating their budding literacy skills! Students showcased their animal writing reports to the front office team this week. Hooray for our littlest Jets and authors in training--keep up the good work!

What the Student Said

Student, "Ms. Lockett…Truth or Dare?"

Ms. Lockett, "Truth"

Student, "Is it TRUE that you eat a little bit of candy?"

Ms. Lockett, "Yes that is true. But even more true is that I eat a LOT of candy!"

Mrs. Wolf, "Ms. Hale is the principal of Tarwater. Our two schools had a bet for who raised the most School Cents points, and she lost. So she had to come to Jacobson today and dress up like a jet pilot!"

1st grader, "Is she a sailor? She looks like a sailor."

Crew Member Spotlight: Mrs. Minard

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Name: Cassie Minard

Birthday: November 7th

Family: My husband Jake (We met in 8th grade), Jack (5 years), and Cole (8 months).

Hobbies: I love traveling and exploring new places, shopping with my mom, and I’m a season ticket holder at Gammage, so I enjoy a good show!

Favorite food: I really enjoy all kinds, it just depends on what sounds good.

Favorite color: I love all colors.

On weekends, I love to spend time with family and friends. I also enjoy hiking, biking, or really just being outside.

You may not know about me… I am an only child and grandchild whose biggest fear is fish!

How long have you worked at Jacobson? 15 years ago I started my student teaching with Mrs. Coking in her 6th grade class! So, this is my 14th year. I taught 5th grade for 11 years, and this is my 3rd year teaching 6th.

What do you like about working at Jacobson? I love being a Jacobson Jet! The kids, the parents, the teachers, and the staff all make coming to work not seem like a job, but something I’m excited to do each day.

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