A Dog's Journey

Bruce W. Cameron


Buddy, an aging Labrador, has just lost his boy, Ethan, and is now ready to leave this Earth, but there's one problem. Ethan's niece, Clarity, is always in trouble and Buddy thinks that without a dog, she would be lost in this world. Buddy is correct in that; Clarity will make some bad decisions early in her life. She really does need a dog by her side.


In the beginning, Buddy is about to die and he thinks that he won't be reborn and that he has fulfilled his purpose, but he has another thing coming. Ethan's niece, Clarity, is now his girl, and he has to help her through life. After he dies as Buddy, he is reborn as a female named Molly. While she is Molly, Clarity makes A LOT of bad decisions. Molly dies in a car accident while Clarity survives and goes on to be a not-so-famous actress. Max is reborn nearly ten years later as a Chihuahua in New York. Aggressively thinking about how to get back to his girl, Clarity walks past and Max chases her down and almost gets sucked into an elevator shaft! Clarity has no choice but to keep him.

During Buddy's time as Max, Clarity attempts suicide by inhaling anti-freeze, but survives. Trent and Max help her get better. After she is all good, Trent and Clarity get married, but Max finds out that Trent has cancer, to which Trent dies from later in the book. Max eventually dies, but before Trent.

Reborn one last time as Toby, he is know a Therapy Dog. After a few months, Clarity's mother is sent to Toby's nursing home and Clarity comes with. Toby never leaves Clarity's side from the moment she walks in to the moment she walks out. Living a fulfilled life, Toby also eventually dies (no dog is immortal) in the hands of his girl and is not reborn. Now, Buddy can spend eternity as a good dog.

Setting and Characters


Buddy- The Dog, Main Character. Also known throughout the book as Molly, Max, and Toby. Clarity- Buddy's New Owner

Ethan- Buddy's Old Owner

Trent- Clarity's Eventual Husband


Many places, because every time Buddy dies, he is reborn somewhere new.

W. Bruce Cameron

William Bruce Cameron Is an American humor columnist who is best known for his book, 8 Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter, which also has been adapted into a movie. He lives with his wife (Cathryn Michon, also his screenwriting partner) and his dog.


"Cameron’s ability to describe the world through a dog’s perspective elicited a number of reactions from me, from laugh out loud moments, to pull at the heartstring moments, to full out ugly cry moments, to light bulb moments when I realized that, yes, that’s exactly how a dog would see a particular situation." – Bookosaur

"….a moving story of unwavering loyalty and a love that crosses all barriers." – BookReporter