world history: chapter 1

The Rise of Humans Gaby Lopez Matthews

Early hominini

The first kind of Hominini was Lucy she is bipedal that means she walks on two legs.She was and still is a Australopithecus she looks more like an ape than human she has a small brain and she runs short distances.The homo habilis is one of my favorite type of Hominini they were the first ones to discover how to make tools they are also known as the tool the homo Erectus is also a very interesting Hominini they can run long distances,they were the first ones to discover fire and i think it was a good idea that they discovered fire because cooked meet helps them a lot because they get bigger brains.The homo sapiens migrated out of Africa why you ask?because of the ice age each group went a different way so they could find a good place to live the reason for them leaving is because when the ice age was over if left Africa dry with no food or water
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Archaeologists As Detectives

Early archaeologists were explores they studied people in history they got there information off of the things they left behind for example there bones and there belongings. Today they are known as scientists.They are very careful when they dig because if they use the wrong tools whatever they are looking for might break and that would be bad because they need there evidence. Other people can discover artifacts
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Tools of the craft

A good dig site is somewhere where there is a large place to dig. The climate effects the dig site when there is wind,rain,and dust.scientists need the right tools when they dig because if they don't have the right tools whatever they find with break that's why when they dig they use a trowel, a trowel is a small handheld tool with a flat pointed blade.the artifacts that u can find would be tools,sculpture,pottery,fossils and written records also written records are important because the scientists might be discovering an important person and if that person has a journal that would be a written record of the important person
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