Emerson Newsletter

College Counseling Summer Edition

July and August 2016

I truly hope this summer is bringing you fun and memorable times with your loved ones. If you can visit a college at some point this summer, I suggest you visit, even if campus is pretty empty. Get a feel for what you might like or dislike during your visit.

Be sure to have at least one meaningful experience such as a camping trip, an internship, volunteering, taking a vacation, meeting someone new or creating something expressive. These warmer days are what you make of them!

Love Your List

Rising seniors, this summer is the time to complete 2 major tasks:

1) Create your first official college list.

2) Draft your first 650 word essay.

Because college application requirements vary, I do not know exactly what you will have to include in your application packet. This is the very important reason why you must complete these two activities BEFORE we return to school (date TBD). Once we all get back, we can fill in the blanks together.

So, what does 'love your list' mean? 'Love your list' means that you can imagine yourself thriving on the campus of every college you list. Why list a college you don't want to attend? If you don't really like what a school has to offer or the types of people who attend that school, please do not include it on your list. Still can't figure out how to pick schools that are right for you? Let's walk through it together. I will be available to meet with students by appointment on August 22nd and 23rd. Please email for available times.

See below for essay tips and the Common App link.

Rising 11th Graders

Congratulations! You are officially upper classmen. The fall will be dedicated to improving your GPA, solidifying your goals for the next 2 years and learning more about colleges and universities that match your needs and ambition. Colleges and universities visit Emerson during September, October, and November. Please plan to attend these visits regularly!

Over the summer, consider volunteering as much as possible. Volunteering is a great way for you to learn your strengths while giving back to the community. If you have to work, make financial goals with your family. This will help you stay organized about your earnings.

While much of my time is spent with 12th graders in the fall, you are encouraged to make an appointment with me to discuss your thoughts on college. Enjoy your summer!