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Week 6 Edition of the Mayfield Messenger

Message from Dr. Frischkorn

Good Evening Mayfield Intermediate School students and families!

September 15th marked the start of Hispanic Heritage month! Here at Mayfield Intermediate School, we celebrate our diverse student population. Most (70%) of our students come from Hispanic heritage backgrounds. Our school and community embrace all the cultures represented within Mayfield.

Throughout the next month, students will learn more about Hispanic heritage through their classroom instruction and within the library. Our library has a large selection of books that celebrate Hispanic heritage.

Next month during our weekly newsletter, I will include posters of people who have positively influenced Hispanic heritage. Below you can click on the images to see the first six posters celebrating Hispanic Heritage. I thank Ms. Urban, our 6th-grade language arts teacher, for finding this great resource to share with our community.

Always Learning,

Dr. Donald Frischkorn





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Interim Reports

This past week marked the interim report time for students for the 1st quarter of the school year. The interim period is a great time to check in on your child's performance in the classes. Your child still has plenty of time to correct their grades and start the year excelling in the class.

Now is also a great time to review our school's grade policy. When you look at your child's grades, you will see grades ranging from 100 to 50. Here is a breakdown of how those grades show how well your child is doing.

90-100- A- If your child is scoring in the 90s, then your child is excelling in class and mastering most of the skills and concepts taught.

80-89- B- If your child is scoring in the 80s, this signifies that your child is still doing well in their classes. They continue to master concepts taught in class and complete their work.

70-79- C- If your child is scoring in the 70s, this signifies that your child understands most of the concepts taught. Your child may be struggling to complete some of the tasks, but with some extra support, they can show that they know the content taught.

60-69- D- If your child is scoring in the 60s, this signifies that your child needs additional support within the classroom. They may be struggling to complete assignments. Sometimes your child shows an understanding but will need extra time to understand what has been taught.

50-59- F- If your child is scoring in the 50s, this signifies that your child needs additional support and is not comprehending the material being taught. This may also mean your child struggles to turn in their work and complete assignments. Teachers work with your child in small group instruction during the day, providing additional remediation and support to help the student meet the standard.

Students can't receive a grade lower than 50%. Teachers do not assign grades under 50%

Below is a copy of the Manassas City School Board Grading Policy.

Reading and Math Support for Students

Mayfield Intermediate is fortunate to have added three new positions to our school this year. We have support teachers working in all our classrooms to provide students with additional support during small group instruction. These teachers work with the classroom teachers and set up small groups of students to provide differentiated instruction based on what each child needs.

We are fortunate to have three exceptional support teachers at Mayfield Intermediate. Mrs. Maldonado and Mrs. Weyman support our students in math, and Mrs. Kirkpatrick supports our students in their language arts classes.

Picture Day is Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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A-Day, B-Day, C-Day, D-Day Encore Rotation

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Student Code of Conduct

Students at Mayfield Intermediate follow the same Student Code of Conduct that ALL students in Manassas City Public Schools follow. Students and parents must read and review the Student Code of Conduct Regularly. We keep the Student Code of Conduct attached as a file at the bottom of every Mayfield Messenger that we send.