Grade 4 News

produced by the Grade 4 Team at Berlin Metropolitan School

Welcome back!

The Grade 4 teachers have really enjoyed welcoming all of the children into their classes this week for the beginning of the new academic year. We hope all families have enjoyed a great summer together, and that you're all now looking forward to what is sure to be a challenging and rewarding year for all.

Some of you may already be aware that three of the four Homeroom teachers in Grade 4 are new starters at Berlin Metropolitan School. However, they are all experienced classroom practitioners and we expect them to adapt quickly to their new environment.

As the first week of school has been focused on getting to know one another, we thought that this would be the perfect time for the Grade 4 team to each tell you a little bit about themselves...


Dear parents,

we would like to take the opportunity of this Thursday letter to give you a short feedback about the beginning of this school year.

The first contact within the teaching team and class has been successful.

The children got used to their daily routines and the new CCEP structure.

New students became acquainted with the school and even made new friends.

The new room situation provides a clearly arranged, trustful environment for their respective grade levels and the transition from the prior CCEP rooms to the new afternoon structure was very well received by our students and their parents.

We are looking forward to a good start with the Club Program, which is starting next week and do our best to maintain a pleasant afternoon for your child!

With warm regards,

your 4th grade CCEP Team.