How to Set-Up 'Find My iPad'

Created by: Paige Craig, Librarian @ BHS

Open Settings:

1. Select iCloud from the Left Hand Menu

2. Make sure “Find My iPad”, at the bottom of the list, is turned on.

To protect a potential thief from turning this feature off:

1.Select General (Under Settings)

2.Select Restrictions

3.Enable Restrictions

4.Select Location (Under Allow Changes)

5.Check Don’t Allow Changes

A Potential Thief will have to have your log-in information to turn this feature off.

Steps To Located a Missing Device:

1.Go to

2.Log in with your apple username and password

3.Click on the Find My Phone icon

Select Satellite view at the bottom of the screen

4. Select “All Devices” from the top of the page

5. Scroll through the list to find the missing device

For further options, click on the lost device.

  • By selecting “Play Sound” the iPad will alarm at a high volume until the iPad user clicks ok.
  • You can also lock the device using lost mode.