Takoma Park Elementary School


September 4, 2022

Lunch Accounts and PIN Numbers

This year student I.D. numbers are being used as their Personal Identification Number (PIN) for buying lunch. Students have lunch cards with the I.D. number on it but should know their student I.D. number in the event the card is lost. The student I.D. number is used when students log onto the chromebooks at school as well. We understand the I.D. number is long and students will need time to memorize it so we will support the ordering and receiving of lunch using the PIN numbers until all students are able to enter the number on their own. It is helpful if parents practiced the I.D. with their children.

Reading Initiative Classes

When a school doesn't have Title I or Focus school status each class can have 25-27 students. When schools have such large classes, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) provides staffing to bring down the class sizes for reading. The position assigned to teach the additional class is called Reading Initiative. Ms. Wade, our reading initiative teacher, will have a class of first graders and a class of second graders. The reading classes Ms. Wade teaches are a range of students who are on and above grade level just like the ability groups in the homeroom classes. If your child is assigned to Ms. Wade he, she or they are not necessarily in need of reading support and are not considered below grade level.

Math Classes

Math classes for first and second graders are different this year. We are reinstituting enrichment classes for math. According to our school's math data, there is a real need for enrichment and support with math concepts in our school. As a result, student data were reviewed and students were assigned to math classes that are either on grade level or on grade level with enrichment. No child will be denied enrichment should they need arise although they will remain in their math class to receive the enrichment. There are four math classes that are on with enrichment at the first grade level and four that are on with enrichment at the second grade level. The grade level teams will plan for on grade and enrichment lessons as a team and will implement the lessons consistently throughout the grade level.

Meet Faye Nabavian, Parent Community Coordinator

My name is Farzaneh (Faye) Nabavian and I am the Parent Community Coordinator at Montgomery Blair HS. I assist to build and strengthen positive relationships with families and I work collaboratively with school leaders, staff, and community organizations to develop and implement family engagement activities.

I support families by guiding them through the school system, helping to build their ability to advocate for their student’s academic success, especially those who may be facing language, cultural or economic barriers.

I also have established the “Kindness Corner” at Blair with the support of Ms. Johnson, and this year is the 4th year of Kindness Corner. It has been possible with the great support of the school community and the Blair PTSA and every department that generously supports and donates to keep it running. To learn more about me and the Kindness Corner, you can visit my site at https://blairpcc.weebly.com/

We support our students with immediate needs at Blair, please feel free to email/text/call me at 240-506-8576, or email me at Farzaneh_nabavian@mcpsmd.org If you or someone you know at Blair High School may benefit from the Kindness Corner, please share my information with them.

From The PTA

Please save the date for the first PTA meeting 9/6, 7pm on Zoom* to get helpful info on the school calendar and events, share back to school questions with the TPES and PBES principals and PTA, and connect with other families (virtually) to help support our school community. If you have key back to school questions or ideas for the PTA please reach out to us!

Virtual PTA Meeting on Tuesday

Agenda will include:

(1)TPES & PBES Principals’ Back to School Welcome

(2) TPES and PBES PTA Welcome and review of activities and opportunities to support our school communities at TPES and PBES this year

(3) Back to School Q&A with the Principals and PTA’s

(4) important votes to kick off the year.

*Zoom link to be shared 1-2 hours prior to meeting. Please note you'll need to login with your child's MCPS login email (######@mcpsmd.org) and password via gmail when prompted.

Reserve la fecha para la primera reunión de la PTA el 6 de septiembre, 7 p. m. en Zoom (el enlace se compartirá 1 o 2 horas antes de la reunión) para obtener información útil sobre el calendario escolar y los eventos, comparta preguntas sobre el regreso a la escuela con los directores de TPES y PBES y PTA, y conectarse con otras familias (virtualmente) para ayudar a apoyar a nuestra comunidad escolar. Si tiene preguntas o ideas clave para el regreso a la escuela para la PTA, ¡comuníquese con nosotros!

Tenga en cuenta que deberá iniciar sesión con el correo electrónico de inicio de sesión de MCPS de su hijo (######@mcpsmd.org) y la contraseña a través de gmail cuando se le solicite.

ለመጀመሪያው የPTA ስብሰባ 9/6፣ 7pm በማጉላት (ከስብሰባው ከ1-2 ሰአታት በፊት የሚጋራው አገናኝ) በትምህርት ቤቱ የቀን መቁጠሪያ እና ዝግጅቶች ላይ አጋዥ መረጃ ለማግኘት ቀኑን ይቆጥቡ፣ ወደ ትምህርት ቤት ጥያቄዎች ከTPES እና PBES ርእሰ መምህራን ጋር ያካፍሉ። እና PTA፣ እና ከሌሎች ቤተሰቦች ጋር ተገናኙ (በተጨባጭ) የትምህርት ቤታችንን ማህበረሰብ ለመርዳት። ለ PTA ትምህርት ቤት የመመለሻ ቁልፍ ጥያቄዎች ወይም ሀሳቦች ካሉዎት እባክዎን ያግኙን!

እባክዎ ሲጠየቁ በልጅዎ የMCPS የመግቢያ ኢሜል (######@mcpsmd.org) እና የይለፍ ቃል በጂሜይል መግባት እንደሚያስፈልግዎ ልብ ይበሉ።

Hispanic Heritage Month October 15th-November 15th

Hispanic Heritage month begins September 15th. We are looking for some parent involvement to help us celebrate. If you have ideas and want to join the committee please send a message to mercedes@alum.mit.edu or (505) 795-8666. We will plan a playground meetup after school pick up (4pm) at the TPES playground for Friday September 9th to get things rolling. Some ideas are: highlighting Hispanic/Latino(a)/Mestizo (a) leaders in art, science, government and entertainment, providing a craft… We are in need of ideas and representation from all our Hispanic/Latino(a) Families.

El mes de la herencia Hispana comienza el 15 de Septiembre y necesitamos su ayuda en celebrarlo en la escuela TPES. Por favor envíe un mensaje a mercedes@alum.mit.edu o (505)795-8666 para ayudar con ideas. Vamos a juntarnos el Viernes 9 de Septiembre en el patio del recreo en TPES al termino de las clases (4pm). Unas ideas iniciales son: Enfocar algunos lideres Hispanos/Latinoamericanos/ Mestizos en arte, ciencia, gobierno etc. o dar a los niños los requisitos para cumplir algun artesanía. Necesitamos sus ideas y participación.