Battle of the Books (K-2)

Lakeview Elementary, Little Elm, TX

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Our Kinder, first and second grade Lakeview Texans will be participating in this NEW library program as a way of promoting reading at our school. Every year, the Texas Library Association (TLA) releases a reading list for our young readers aged two to grade two. It is called 2 x 2 reading list.

I will be using this reading list for our Battle of the Books (BOB) in K-2. The 2x2 books will be read/discussed during their library class; however, I will be needing parents' support on this. Our library has only one copy of each 2 x 2 title, so you may want to check out from the public library for these titles for your child to read AGAIN or for you to read to your child. The more your child is exposed to these books, the more he/she will be more familiar with them and will be more ready for the competition. Every child in K-2 will be given a chance to participate in the elimination round. To monitor their reading progress, we will be using this BOOT paper. After I read a 2x2 book to them, they may color the section with the title at home.

In addition to the 20 2x2 books, 2nd grade will also be reading two chapter books:

  • Maybelle in the Soup by Katie Speck
  • Tornado by Betsy Byars

The Battle of the Books will be a grade level competition: kinder, first and second grade will each have a champion. Type and level of difficulty of questions will depend on the grade level. Grade level champions will be awarded a trophy.

Teachers and parents, thank you in advance for any support you can give our students for this fun competition! I look forward to awarding those trophies to our first BOB champions in K-2.


This is the elimination round of the BOB and will be done during library class sometime in April 2015. Fifteen multiple-choice questions over the 2x2 titles will be asked. The student in each class with the most number of correct answers wins the homeroom competition for that grade level. In case of a tie, three more questions will be asked. The five homeroom winners will advance to the next round----grade level competition.

Date: Week of April 13 (during library class)


1. In which story/book is there a character named Little T?

2. In which story/book is there a character hiding under the refrigerator?


The five homeroom winners in each grade level, K-2, will compete for the grade level champion. This competition will be scheduled in the morning.

Twenty multiple-choice questions will be asked in Kinder; twenty-five questions in first grade; and thirty questions in second grade. At least three questions will be used for tie-breaks in this round until a winner is declared.


Kinder - May 6, 2015 @ 7:50 A.M. in the library

1st grade - May 13, 2015 @ 7:50 A.M. in the library

2nd grade - May 15, 2015 @ 7:50 A.M. in the library