Zach and Cori Howell

Requesting Prayer for Ministry Training and New Placement!

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for praying for us as well as the 1,200 college students that attended our winter conference Encounter! If you haven't read Zach's newsletter, it's a good one :) We had 29 Clemson students attend, who shared their faith in many unexpected ways!

We humbly come to you asking for prayer again- if you remember from our last letter, Zach and I will be attending Cru's New Staff Winter training in just one short week on January 12th! The training will be held in in Daytona Beach, FL where accepted New Staff from all over the country will be taking seminary courses to prepare us for the roles of full-time campus ministry. In addition to these courses, we will also be training in Ministry Partner Development in order to better share the good news of the Lord's work in our lives with you, our ministry partners! Lastly, in addition to all the training we will receive, we will receive our placement to the college campus to which we will be assigned in the next year. This could be anywhere in the MidSouth region of Cru (KY, NC, SC, the lower part of WV, and part of TN) so we really would appreciate your prayers in regards to where we should be!

All this sounds like a lot! However, we know that this is where the Lord has called us to be at this time. Would you pray for:

- safe travels down and back to Daytona

- that we would study and take in as fully as possible the reality of God's word

- our Ministry Partner Development Training

- guidance/discernment in where God is placing us for this next year

Thank you all for faithfully loving us so well through prayer! We'll keep you posted.

In His service and in His love,

Zach and Cori Howell