Franz Reichelt

Inventor of a Parachute-Suit

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Early Years

  • Franz was born in Vienna, Austria in 1879
  • He made the move to France in 1898
  • Obtained French nationality in 1909
  • Never married
  • Rented an apartment on the 3rd floor at 8 rue Gaillon
  • Opened a dressmaking business


  • The 1900s saw the dawn of the aviation
  • Wright brothers completed first flight in 1903
  • Flight was extremely dangerous, therefore safety measures were in demand

Competition for the prize

  • Several other individuals sought to create a deployable parachute suit for aviators
  • Louis-Sebastien Lenormand and Jean-Pierre Blanchard had created fixed-canopy parachutes
  • Andre-Jacques Garnerin had created a frameless high altitude parachute
  • Aero-Club de France offered a 10,000 franc prize for developing a parachute for aviators in 1911
  • Competition for the prize was open for 3 years with a catch that the parachute could weigh no more than 25 kilograms


  • Franz began developing the suit in July of 1910
  • His initial design weighed 70 kilograms and used 6 square meters of fabric
  • Converting his initial design into his a workable was a difficult task
  • His final suit was a little bit bulkier than a normal aviator suit, but not by much
  • Constructed with a few rods, a silk canopy, and a small amount of rubber
  • He hoped it would be practical and efficient


  • Early tests with dummies using his initial suit design were very successful
  • He dropped dummies from the 5th floor of his apartment and they landed softly
  • He presented his workable suit to the Aero-Club de France hoping they would test it
  • They rejected his design because of the weak canopy and told him to quit
  • He tested his final suit design with dummies at his apartment with no success
  • He did a test using himself in 1911 from a height of 10 meters at Joinville
  • The parachute attempt failed, but he had a pile of straw to cushion is fall
  • A later test at Nogent from a height of 8 meters resulted in a broken leg according to Le Matin

Eiffel Tower

  • Franz believed his suit needed a suitable and grandiose format to show it's ability
  • Blamed the failures of his suit on the short drop distances and needed a higher test platform
  • Repeatedly petitioned the Prefecture of Police, Louis Lepine, for over a year for permission to test his suit from the Eiffel Tower but was denied
  • He received permission in early 1912 to conduct a test from the Eiffel tower
  • The final design had 30 square meters of material with a canopy height of 5 meter
  • Franz showed up to the Tower on February 4th at 7:00 AM wearing his parachute suit, he had only been given permission to use a dummy
  • This was his reasoning for not using the dummy as he was interviewed that day, "I want to try the experiment myself and without trickery, as I intend to prove the worth of my invention." (Translated from French)

Death Jump - Franz Reichelt jumps off the Eiffel Tower [HD]


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Note: I cannot read French, these references were translated into English