Breast Actives

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Breast Actives is a natural 3 step formula which utilizes only all-natural ingredients that leads to stronger, curvier and also much more noticeable breasts. The system has a breast enhancement nutritional supplement, Breast enhancing cream as well as an in-depth workout program to deliver optimal outcomes. Breast Actives is presently rated the No # 1 natural breast enlarger product on the marketplace.

How Breast Actives Works


This formula is similar to many other organic solutions in that it’s main goal is to force your body to have a natural reaction to the ingredients that make up the formula. Basically the main goal is to increase the production of estrogen(mainly using Dong Quai), which should then theoretically result in tissue growth in the mammary gland.

The pills work exactly the same way as the cream, it’s just applied differently and our guess is that if this product does produce any results at all, it probably would have nothing to do with the pills you take.

There’s reason to believe the only form of application to have any success on breast enhancement would be directly through the skin and NOT introduced orally.

One known way of increasing the absorption of any cream is to rub it in after a hot shower when our pores are open the most.

Breast Actives suggests you only use the cream once a day but if you want to increase your usage you should make sure you speak to a medical specialist first.

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Breast actives is a natural product used in women that desire bigger and firmer breasts