Fair Use Of Online Images

By: Jason Kim and Alex

Creative Commons

It is a license that allows the free dsitribution of a product or work from an artist, author, etc... to everybody in the public.

Fair Use

It is any caopy of copyrighted material. It is used for only a limited amount of time. Examples are a parody of something or maybe criticizing something.

Digital Citizenship

This is your part in the digital world. It can include your habits, actions and what you buy online. All of these factors impact the digital content and communities of the economy.

How to know if an image is copyrighted

When you seee an image, it should be credited when you hover over it or click on it. If it is not, it is most likely not copyrighted.

Public Domain

It is when a none tanglable idea has an expired copyright. This allows anyone in the country of the expired copyright to use it.


It is the act of crediting someone of an idea online. This may include, pictures, articles, and videos.

What is a copyright?

It is a type of protection that is given by the U.S laws. It protects the creators of original works from plagiarism. These laws give the copyright owner the rights to reproduce the work, publicize the work, and display it in public.

Websites that have have none copyrighted images